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Whilst we have all heard a little about studying law at university, whether through family, friends or films, it is difficult to know what it really does involve – and there’s no shortage of stories out there, from the mostly accurate to the utterly fantastical. This article should debunk a few myths, confirm a few and make sure you know what you are signing up for when you fill in that application form! It also includes a little advice to help you settle into law student life that bit quicker. Law is a great subject to study at university but it does have its challenges: here’s what you can expect.



Much of law has been passed down- through centuries.


1. There is a lot of reading.

Just to get the scary one out of the way first, it is difficult to explain how much reading a law degree involves other than to say that there are a lot of law books! Law students get a reputation for clocking up the library hours because each week you need to learn what the law actually is and academics’ opinions of it from scratch, and neither of these will be particularly short. There is definitely an art to managing the reading lists and you will get all the advice you need from older students when you first arrive, but it does take a while to get used to the pace of learning.

That said, by the end of your first term you won’t believe how quickly you can pick up the key themes of an article or find the important passages from a case. Just be ready for the inevitable long nights when you need to stay up getting through an endless reading list. They do happen but they are (almost) only as common as you want them to be; you are never set more work than it is feasible to do if you manage your time well. Self-imposing a schedule for getting reading done, plus whatever other assignments you have been set, is a habit to get into very quickly.


2. There is no single ‘eureka!’ moment, but it does all come together eventually.

Certain areas of law, particularly contract and tort, deal with different types of human action but are so similar in places that they often ‘run out’ just as the other one starts. As you usually learn only a few topics at a time you may not understand one fully until you have covered the next one. It is absolutely normal to feel a little like you’re in the dark to begin with, although universities try to organise the courses so that the first year exams at least can stand on their own. Criminal law, for instance, makes a good first year subject because it is easy to get to grips with the ideas and it doesn’t overlap too much with any other area. It is just important to know that if you study Land law before Trusts/Equity, it is not a problem if you don’t fully understand what a trust is because that will come next.


3. There is a rat race, but you don’t need to join it (straight away).

The law students aren’t considered the quickest off the mark for getting involved in applications and internships early on in their degree, but it’s a close one! More and more law firms are offering placements and taster days during the first year of university so it is tempting to think that you need to get involved in deciding your career choice right from day one. If you are thinking about becoming a solicitor it is worth applying to these if you want to be ahead of the game, but the big one is the summer vacation schemes at the end of your penultimate year. If you are thinking about the Bar then the more mini-pupillages you have under your belt when you fill in your application form at the beginning of your final year the better, and some chambers will expect a certain number as a minimum. However, most of this kicks off at the beginning of second year so you do have time to settle into legal study before you need to think about applications.

Don’t forget that there are other options too — charity work, civil service, interning for a while until you decide on a career path (if you can afford it!) or further study are all worthwhile alternatives. It’s also worth thinking about going to a local or regional firm or chambers if that appeals to you, and for this you may have to send letters asking to go and shadow someone rather than applying to an organised scheme. All these alternatives are no less competitive but require you to look further afield than your Law Society e-mails, which may tend to focus on the big London (and increasingly international) opportunities. Your tutors, personal advisor, careers service or equivalent will give you plenty of advice about careers, and where to start looking for opportunities in a field you’re interested in. Make sure you think seriously about where you want to start off — it is easy to be swept along with the crowd!

It is also just a fact of life that the legal sector, like anywhere at the moment, is very competitive for finding a job. Keep on top of your work, get involved with extra-curriculars and apply to any placements or schemes which may interest you so that your CV looks as good as it possibly can when you get to more serious applications.


4. You need to sweat the small stuff.

The ‘sharp mind’ you need for university study comes in different varieties, and each degree demands a particular mix of certain skills. Law requires both absolute command of the details of legislation and cases, and a wider view of how different areas interlock and what they (aim to) achieve. This is shown most clearly in the two main types of examination question. Problem questions require you to apply the law to very specific (and sometimes outright preposterous) factual patterns and explain why in this specific set of circumstances a piece of legislation or principle of law would/could be applied in a certain way.

You need to know the legislation and the case law, because although you may be given a copy of the legislation it wastes time if you’re using it to do anything other than check minor points. Equally if you don’t know part of the case law in an area that can lose you marks or narrow down the number of questions you could potentially answer. Essay questions require you to make a broad point using specific examples, so you need to have a whole arsenal of examples to hand.

Basically, you need to remember a lot of things! And you need to be prepared to sit down and learn cases, and at the very least the structure and key clauses of the relevant legislation so that you can find it in the statute book during the exam. It is absolutely normal to have legislation and case summaries stuck up round your wall during exam season (rent agreements permitting!). But because all this knowledge also needs to be grounded in the wider picture for the purposes of essay questions this isn’t just an exercise in memorising names, which makes the process a lot easier.

An Oxford examiners’ report commented a few years ago (in light of students forgetting the names of key cases) that if you have done the work properly then remembering case names should be no more difficult than learning the names of breakfast cereals. I may not know hundreds of breakfast cereals, but it’s true that you learn a lot of small details without thinking about it.


5. Everyone is going to ask you for legal advice. And you won’t want to give it.

Somewhat ironically, the more law you know the less confident you become definitively stating what the legal position in a certain area is. You are, after all, focusing on the more controversial and uncertain areas of law so it is easy to forget that some are actually quite simple and clear-cut. There also comes a week where you learn about liability for giving advice and accepting responsibility for it being correct. It’s fairly well-accepted that casual remarks in social situations don’t come within this category but as soon as law students learn these cases they immediately stop wanting to give any form of legal advice!

All this of course assumes that you know the area of law your friends are asking about in practical detail in the first place, which usually isn’t the case because law degrees are more theoretical than practical. No matter how many times you try to explain this to your friends however, you will still be asked. It’s something you will find frustrating, but it won’t stop you from asking the medical students about your twinging knee so it’s just something to resign yourself to I’m afraid.



Law’s at the heart of modern society.


6. It can be absolutely fascinating — especially when you think it won’t be.

Perhaps the really big thing to know about an English law degree is that there are subjects which (i) you have to study (ii) you expect you won’t enjoy. This is an unfortunate side-effect of the fact that law degrees are at heart vocational and so you study certain areas which are crucial to the smooth functioning of society but aren’t considered too glamorous. It’s worth noting that some people do come to university with a professed love for commercial law and that’s great, but it does seem to be the norm to start university dead set on being a human rights barrister.

However, because you have to learn these topics in significant depth you do find yourself getting far more interested than you ever plan to. What can seem like a fairly technical subject such as land registration is actually vitally important to individual people when you think about it — many cases on the topic end up with someone being evicted from their family home, or allowed to stay despite the aspiring purchaser having no idea that they had a legal interest in the house as it was not entered in the register.

There is a frame of mind to adopt here, and it’s absolutely central to ensuring that you enjoy studying law. Find the interesting element of something which doesn’t originally appeal to you — there will always be one, often the ‘human interest’ or political angle. Make as much of it as is possible as interesting to you as is possible. And resign yourself to the fact that you’ll just have to learn the rest!


7. Being a law student is what you want it to be.

Perhaps I’m giving the impression that law students spend their whole lives in the library learning statutes back to front, and that when they do emerge it’s to go to networking events, apply to careers or to sit exams. This just isn’t true. As with any other subject, university is exactly what you make of it and that will invariably (and should!) involve meeting some of your best friends and many of your future colleagues, getting involved in as many societies as you can make time for and having the odd quiet night in. There is a core amount of work which has to be done, but as a humanities student you’re in the enviable position of being able to manage your own timetable to a certain extent.

Make the most of it! Specifically for law students, there are also plenty of extra-curricular activities which can be really rewarding for yourself and others. If you’d like to get involved in pro bono work then most law schools have a scheme running, really do make sure you try some mooting (mock appeal trial, where you pretend to be a barrister) because even though it’s quite scary it does wonders for your public speaking, and make the most of any opportunity to get the sort of legal experience you’re interested in during the holidays. There is no single ‘law degree experience’, much as there’s no single ‘university experience’; choose what you want to make your priorities over the three year period, as long as you always make time for your work.


Like any subject at university, studying law has its ups and downs. However, if you’re interested in the subject and able to motivate yourself to work sensible hours then there are definitely more positives and it is a fantastic subject to study for three (or four) years.


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    I’m 20 years old.studying law at university of Dodoma in Tanzania.Thanks for your advice I think may help me to reach my expectations.

  81. Solomon ibanga

    I’m 19 years old,studying law is my ambition,i felt i can do it but i’m scared due to what i’ve read about law.what is Law all about? pls you guys should advice me on what to do pls,i really need a piece of advice from you pls.

  82. namwendwa bephine

    hey am Bephine from Kenya currently 17 years old and just finished high school law is my passion and I really wanna know more….a sponsorship to the university of oxford was what I had hopped for but also Kenya is cool with law

  83. Clouie Setsuko

    as of now i’m 14 and i’d like to know more about law. at school, i’m just a normal girl with a normal average (in grades). do you think i can pass as a lawyer one day?

  84. chukwudera

    Hello everyone! l’m Onyekaba Chukwudera.I hope at studying law in the university because it will be my pleasure to be seen as a humanitarian. Moreover,just as it seems to be,everyone has a challenge. I personally do have the challenge of speaking in a public place and I’m also extremely shy. but in the positive way,I love arguing and debating.And I am that type that will never end an argument till I win(I’ve get to notice this about myself)because I hate arguing without fact, before I argue with my colleagues in school I honestly do make sure that there is some element of truth contained in what I’m saying.And if there is non,I don’t hesitate to kick off.Back to the mean discussion,I’ve get to realize that being a Lawyer is not an easy task,for it has a huge requirement,like the case in my country.for there is always a lot of people chasing over it.Due to this,some talent and passions of some elite people had seems to die off as they weren’t able to reach the high requirement of this area of study. considering this,my question goes like this…How can someone successfully study Law in the university??although, the tips above this comment are very helpful.. thanks to dat. Am honoured to have met this page.But I truly would appreciate any further piece of advice. ThAnK YoU FoR YoUr CoNcErN…”Am a NIGERIAN and I’m 15 years old, I’m getting ready for my final exams in secondary school.”

  85. Lucy


    Read your article and its very helpful. Im from Philippines, I’m 28, I have a full time job and 3 kids. I’m thinking of enrolling in college of law this coming semester and there’s so many things that I worry about. But the one thing that really stopping me from pursuing my dream is that I’m forgetful. In my younger years I can memorize books easily but I have undergone operations (including C-sections) and it affected my retention skills. I believe I still can memorize books but I’m having a hard time retaining them in my mind. And sometimes when I read books, I have to read them multiple times just to understand it. So given all that, Do you think, I stand a chance? Your honest opinion is very much appreciated.

  86. saleem

    I m currently a law student but I have backlog can any body tell me any suggestion regarding backlog plzzzz I m very upset worried

  87. Melissa

    Good evening,
    I’m currently a grade 11 student, and Im in a crossfire. Law interests me and reading doesn’t scare me, but I have mathematical literacy. Will I be able to study law with it, or should I pick a other course?
    Kind regards

  88. Stephen.

    i’m 17 and i really want to read law. . . Thank you for this write up, I’m going to read the law articles.

  89. Amnah Sewar Althahab

    Hello all,
    i am planning to study law in couple of years once i graduate from high school, and i wanted to inquire about majoring in a certain field in law. do i get to major in a certain field during my undergraduate studies or afterwards?
    Also,how can i possibly develop my critical thinking skills and hone any other required skills before starting university?
    i look forward to your respnse

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Amnah,

      While different countries and universities do offer different programmes, the majority of Law degrees seek to provide students with a thorough grounding across the subject including areas such as tort law, criminal law, and contract law. You will most likely be permitted to select a couple of optional units of your own, as your understanding of what you would like to specialise in deepens (would you rather be a solicitor or a barrister, for instance?).

      As for honing your skills pre-university, we have a host of articles on university admissions which you should find useful. Try asking your teachers for extra reading around your subject, too.

      Best of luck in your studies!

      The ORA Team

      • Julius

        Hi am julius by name am 19 year old i want to study law and i don’t no which school will be the the best for me to study law.

  90. Paige

    Hello All,

    I have just been accepted to Law school in September and I am very excited but also very anxious, I am 25, work part-time and have a 4 year old as well as attending university full time studying English, maths, history, psychology and law, I feel as though it all may get a little too much and that I might not handle it very well, is there any advice anybody could give to at least help me prepare for what I am about to let myself in for? Thank you in advance and good luck everyone :)

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Paige,

      First of all, congratulations! It looks like you’ve been working very hard indeed – great to hear that it’s paid off with an offer for Law school. You might like to read up on a few law cases, or read seminal law texts to help you feel more confident once term starts. Tom Bingham’s The Rule of Law is considered classic reading for new law students, for instance, or you could browse our own full list of related articles here.

      Best of luck in your new career path!

      The ORA Team

      • Paige

        > Thank you for your help :)

  91. Lemohang mokhati

    I am 21 and I am thinking of studying law this year,am very nervous because of the sayings that law is hardcore,I love it very much but am having doubts about it, what can I do?

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Lemohang,

      Law is certainly highly competitive, but with passion and hard work it can be extremely rewarding. Have you read our introductory article on studying law?

      Wishing you all the best,

      The ORA team.

      • jess

        I am in highschool and have been interested in law for as long as i can remember. I am looking to start studying law in Uni a year after i finish year 12. Can i do this and if i can when do apply for the uni i am interested in ?

  92. Dani

    Is there an English Literature such as Poetry that like you need to learn in Law course? Pls reply.

  93. Dani

    I’m 15 years old and I always dream to be a lawyer but the problem is I’m not really good at English though, I’m studying in an international school. English is not my first language. So I think it might be hard for me to study law but my parents said I should do my best. Any advise for me? Thank you

  94. Madison

    where are the best places to look up things you are going to learn while in law school?

  95. Zicky Swings

    This is a great article. I wanna study Law at university. This really helped me, and thanks a lot.

  96. adrian

    Hello everyone! my only question is that can I still have a good self-management if I study law while working? I love working out to the gym and socializing too but I don’t know if can still do these things when I study law. advice please thank you so much.

  97. Kingsley

    Hi, I’m in high school nw, and I doesn’t study history and geography subject at all. But I’ve take some accountancy, business study and more which have in art class. I just want to know that is it nessesary needed to take the course of history in high school to be a lawyer? Can I enroll in the degree of law in university without studying history in high school? is it the course of history is important or nt important to effect me becoming a lawyer. Pls reply thks.

  98. Praise vandeh

    hi this blog really helped me but I have a question I know I love reading talking in crowded places but is there no fun in studying law

  99. Sandeep Singh

    I feel good after reading this article, explain in a good way but many people believe that success is a natural product of attending a premier institution and clearing CLAT is the only major hurdle, but I think you can not achieve without hard works.

  100. Amy

    I’m currently still in high school and I’m technically a medical student as of right now, but I feel like health isn’t for me. I’ve always wanted to become a lawyer instead, so I want to head towards that way in college instead of medical. I was just wondering, do you need to know anything about law in high school before entering college?

  101. Stanley


    im from South Africa & 17 years old

    I have a lot of questions.
    so where can I find you here in South Africa #face2face

  102. Stanley


    I’m from South Africa & 17 years old

    I’ve read your article and I am grateful for that. I want to study Law and I know that there’s a lot of reading required. I know I’m not a genius but I think I have the gut of studying law.
    My question is: by believing that I will make it, is that enough? or I have do do something else?
    I’m not perfect in English but I’m good and I love talking #debate

  103. rajni

    Hello I’m very confused about my aim can anybody help me to solve this please.

  104. Leslie suze

    Studying law is my dream. I started talking about being a lawyer when i was in grade 4. I hope I get good grades so that I can study law and I wish to study it in the United Kingdom.

  105. Naomi James

    My dream for Law started in my secondary school but I was alone in the thought with no encouragement from anyone, but now I am so loaded with strength from you I believe I can do it thank you so much. Please what does it cost to study Law in the UK ?

  106. Mayor

    Thanks for this article, this has really help a lot as a law student. I just gain admission in to one of the Nigerian universities but have been trying to engage myself in overnight readings and I know this will help me a lot…

  107. Jessy okwuma

    Greetings,i’m jessy & am a nigerian.I’m 16yrs old & in form 5 in high school,& it has always been my dream to become a lawyer & am a shy type of person & my heart beats when i’m to adress the audience, what should i do.thanks a lot

  108. Iviemu Amos

    My name is Iviemu Amos, a Nigerian, perhaps 19yrs. My dream career since I was young is always law, I can memorise, speaks though not genius. But my weakness is that i can’t read more than 3 hours, and I had this inferiority complex of not expressing myself when necessary. Do you think law as a career is for personality like me?

  109. Marty

    In choosing the right school, is it important to choose the best schools by reputation (the ones topping bar exams)? Some say it really depends on the student, but how much can weighing school performance affect the performance of a law student? Thanks!

  110. Abdul qudus

    I’m a quiet type sire, do i have to be a ‘talkactive’ as a law student? I don’t like to be a solicitor. How do I overcome this? Your help is appreciated.

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Abdul,

      This depends on what you mean by being a quiet type. Do you mean that you’re introverted – you’d rather spend time in a small group of people, you don’t like noisy crowds, and you’re not the first to raise your hand in the classroom? That’s not an impediment. If you mean that you’re very nervous about public speaking or you dislike debates or discussions where someone challenges your opinion, then perhaps becoming a barrister is not for you. If you’re very interested in Law, you may wish to consider the other range of careers such as the media, business or the financial sector that are open to Law graduates.

      We hope this helps.

      The ORA Team

  111. Myra

    Hi, the article was very helpful, thank you for publishing it.

    I’m just wondering if you can help me with my dilemma. My daughter can’t decide what’s the best thing to do and she’s asking my advice. She’s about to start her law course, but can’t decide if she should take a minor in History with it for her first year or just do straight law. In favor of History, she will drop 2 non-core modules – English Legal System 1 & 2. She wants to know the pros and cons with her employability in the future, having the minor subject. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Myra,

      Assuming that the degree with the minor in History is still a full qualifying law degree (see this article for more information about what that entails), then it will make very little difference to her employability either way. If it is not a qualifying law degree, then she should definitely not take History – but I think this is unlikely to be the case.

      Law firms vary in their requirements: for some, a candidate with a minor subject will be demonstrating breadth; others will see it as a lack of focus. I expect that overall it will balance out! For other employers (remembering that only a minority of Law graduates go on to work in Law), it will not matter in the least either way. Ideally, she should email her tutors and get their advice as they will be best qualified to answer this kind of question.

      We hope this helps.

      The ORA Team

  112. shaka ovuomaruyirhi paul

    My dream is to become a lawyer in my future time in life.

  113. amyra

    Hi. I’m 17 I’m from Malaysia and I’ll graduate from high school by the end of this year. Once I get my senior results, I’m planning on taking law for my higher education. The problem here that I’m having is that I am really interested in law, the human rights issues, about the whole legal studies but I’m not good at talking. I have the confidence but normally I can’t really explain what I want to say clearly. Besides that, I really want to study law and I do have the passion but I don’t want to become a lawyer. I need your opinions on this and thank you for reading this.

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Amyra,

      Identifying the things you’re stuggling with is half the battle. It sounds like your particular difficult is being more articulate when you’re speaking. It doesn’t sound like you have any difficulty being articulate in writing, so perhaps you would simply be better suited to the solicitor route than the barrister route? Alternatively, you can practise articulacy through debating or even games like the board game Articulate. It is definitely a skill that can be learned with practice, so don’t give up!

      We hope this helps.

      The ORA Team

    • Ammar

      > I would like to know who is this Amira is.

  114. immie

    i am so glad to have read this because i has answered my question on what to expect at law a ugandan

  115. Robert

    Is the amount of reading to be done in a law degree over hyped or is it an accurate portrayal or underestimation of the stories we hear of students spending hours through the night reading? Thanks.

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Robert,

      It is certainly possible for disciplined law students to manage all of their reading within a normal 9-5 schedule. However, most students don’t end up managing this – hence the late-night reading sessions, particularly during exam times.


      The ORA Team

  116. Hailey Jordan

    Hi, I am going to be a senior in high school next year and I am really interested in becoming a law student. This column has been really helpful but what i would like to know is what courses I need to enroll in the start my journey? What are classes that I need to take? Is there a specific minor degree that will help me succeed?
    Thank you so much!

  117. Anyaorah anastasia

    I am a Nigerian and an aspiring law student in a Nigerian university, I read well and memorizing is not much of an issue but I don’t have any clue on books and CD teachings that will help a beginner like me. And what are the degrees one can hold as a lawyer?

  118. Jeorgina Manuel

    I really want to take law but what I hate about that, is the fact that it has a lot of reading and memorization. I definitely agree to this 7 things law student must know. Very interesting!

  119. Bryle

    I was just enrolled yesterday, and I’m happy to read this article. This gives me a lot of ideas on what to expect in law school. Hoping to read more of your law stories and tips.

  120. Noble Patrick

    I am from Ghana, and this article has really moved me a lot, to continue study law as my lovely course I always dream of since I was a child. But please I want to ask, whether holders of degree in education (teacher) can study law as another degree programme.Besides I am ardent reader and all in my life I want to end up to be a lawyer. Please help me am soo much desperate..thanks..

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Noble,

      Having a degree in another discipline is no impediment to undertaking a law degree. You may be able to take a law conversion course, which is quicker than doing a full degree, though can be quite competitive. You can read more about law conversion courses here.

      We hope this helps.

      The ORA Team

      • Noble Patrick

        > Thnx….God richly bless u for ur concern..


    The impact of this article have answered all the necessary question I got to ask concerning law and study of law, especially that of the reading fact, it’s a true fact though I’m not yet in college. My fear is now in choice of college to be admitted and I ask, please! As a Nigerian, which college or university is best to study law? Or is best in abroad i.e UK? I am 23 yrs old.

  122. okoli stephanie

    I’m a nigerian and I’m eighteen. I wish to be a lawyer and the more I research on law, the more I find it a complex course. help me please! I don’t know where my problem is coming from.

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Okoli,

      Without detail on where you’re struggling, it’s hard to advise. You might find our articles on Law and study skills to be useful. We also have a summer course for prospective law students, which has a small number of places left for this year, where you would be able to get tailored advice on how best to pursue a legal career. We also have a selection of online courses on the subject of law.

      We hope this helps!

      The ORA Team.

  123. Alex

    hello I just finished reading your article and I have to say that it does indeed cover everything a law student needs to know. But recently I’ve found myself in a slump I don’t understand my law courses as I used to and I ‘ve noticed my grades dropping more and more. Any tips
    And yes I’m studying law in the university.

  124. Firdosh Tabassum

    hi m firdosh I want to became a succesful lawyer bcz I want to hlp person who didn’t have any hlp nd I want to gave justic to poor ppl

  125. Sir-jude

    Pls,my ansas 2 my question?

    • ORA Admin


      We have lots of articles on how to improve your English language skills – take a look at our EFL archive.

      We hope this helps,

      The ORA Team.

  126. Sir-Jude

    I’m 20yrs old and I have gotten it in mind to study law but I don’t know how to speak good English and am not fluent also. Give me tips to conquer this.

  127. Faz

    Hi i am 33 years old, i have Masters degree in history from Pakistan and now i want to study law and wish to start with a 3/4 year undergraduate course here in UK but I am not sure to start with a access course or it will be ok if i start my undergraduate course or i should get some work experience in a law firm and then get a degree or post graduate qualification?any kind of help and advice would be appreciated.Thanks

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Faz,

      As your position is quite unusual, it is hard for me to provide good advice. I strongly recommend you call or email universities you might be interested in. They can advise on the best route to take.

      We hope this helps.

      The ORA Team.

  128. Esi

    Hello everyone,my dream is to study law,i start to love law since i was a child.I wanted to ask you if it is difficult for me because i’m not from England and English is my second language,and sometimes i’m afraid if i can do it or no?In university do i need to study math or just law books?Thank a lot.

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Esi,

      Being successful in the study of Law does require good language skills. It isn’t essential to be a native speaker, but making sure your English is as good as it possibly can be should be a priority.

      Mathematics is a popular choice of school subject for prospective Law students, but it is not essential. The study of Law at English universities does not include any Maths. However, it does go beyond simply studying Law books; Law students need to be able to engage with issues of politics, ethics and philosophy as well as getting to grips with the details of case law and legal history.

      We hope this helps!

      The ORA Team.

  129. Isaiah

    it seems like the Internet network is mainly design for we that preparing to study Law. and am so thankful to the author of this… this is the key to success and the best way for me to study law without stress. thanks

  130. Taiwo chrstianna

    Av been longing to be a journalist but now i decided to be a lawyer bcos i loved law and dis page has really helped me a lot 2 no more about my career:)

  131. Mac

    Am 17.. Fresh from high school n would love to be a judge.. Since class 6 av always dreamt of it.. Your page has Really helped I appreciate.. Now I know wat is expected of me.
    More of your advice will be of great help to us thank you

  132. Claude

    Hi! I’m 18 years old and am already in college. I intend to study law after I graduate in my present degree course. Since your article stated that managing time well is important when one enters a law school, I think I’m quite of “incompatible” with the said course because sometimes I’m having a hard time in managing things out. Even though it seems that it will be difficult, I’m still holding on to the fact that I’m really interested. Will my enthusiasm last long enough if I enter a law school? Tips on how to stay focused and enthusiastic in studying law will be very much appraciated. :)

  133. Tsyet

    I love language but not math

    • Nameless

      Same do I…..and I have heard that there is not much mathematics in law.

  134. Tsyet

    I just graduated High school. I definetely love to be a lawyer but i don’t know what pre-law will i take

    • attitude

      > take political science or criminology.

  135. Tsyet

    I also want to be a lawyer what course must I take that would help me as preparation in studying law. I don’t want accountancy as what they’ve said it’s about calculating. I’m more in language. I just graduated in Highschool.

    • Ryan

      > You only need basic math for accountancy. Like law you would need to memorize or rather know financial and accounting procedure,guidlines,regulation and law.

  136. ankita jain

    hello.. is law is about learning? i mean only who can memorise can do law?? i can not learn word to word.. i can just understand it.. may i will b able to do law??

    • ORA Admin

      Dear Ankita,

      While there is a degree of memorisation required for the study of Law – e.g. the ability to recall the names, dates and key points of particular cases – the crucial skill for Law students to learn is to think analytically rather than simply repeating facts. We have several articles on how to develop your critical thinking skills and how to think more rationally, which may be of interest to you.

      Best wishes,

      The ORA Team.

      • Nameless

        Even I do have a strong feeling that law means a lot of byhearting will I be eligible one for becoming a law student..?and if so how can I improove my law studies…any tips or suggestions,?

    • maggie

      you need to relax and just go with it. you will get it soon enough but until then just try to chill>

  137. Mallory

    I am fourteen years old, and a freshman in high school. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a lawyer. I think in college I might major in English or possibly Sociology, Psychology, or Foreign Language with a concentration in Spanish. Then, I would go to law school after that.
    So I just wanted to ask lawyers what they majored in during college and what law school they went to…

    • khadam hussain

      > hey,you should increase your gerneral knowledge and should take interest in news on daily basise.

  138. Thethelelwe

    I have a self convidance of studying law, but im afraid of people surounds me. Keeps telling me that it is so difficult to studying it. What must i do?

    • Dan

      The the , best thing for now is learn proper English. From there you can become a lawyer. For sure bro, just learn proper English. You represent me one day when I face the big man in the wig!

      • Confidence

        > I am one person who is not comfortable in expressing myself in english, my english is very bad and i have a passion in studying Law. Please advice me

        • Melanie

          Hi. Watch television in English and you will learn how to speak it better. English seems hard but you can do it. Do not give up.

    • Dianne Fernando

      > hi I am Dianne Fernando. My ambition is also to be a lawyer one day. But I think my parents are afraid of it. And they told me lawyer is a list etc. But I really want to be a good lawyer, who talk for truth, sanity and not to run for money. Can I do that, Please tell me some motivated advices.

    • Dianne Fernando

      > hi I am Dianne Fernando. I am 17 years old and I live in Sri Lanka. My ambition is also to be a lawyer one day. But I think my parents are afraid of it. And they told me lawyer is a list etc. But I really want to be a good lawyer, who talk for truth, sanity and not to run for money. Can I do that, Please tell me some motivated advices.

  139. Noelyn

    This website is amazing. I’m Noelyn and I dream of becoming a lawyer in the future. This site helped me with a lot of questions I had in mind.

  140. fatima

    im a 14 year old and sometimes its hard for me to memorize something but since last year i have always wish to be a lawyer but my parents are not thrilled about it but im not gonna stop my dreams any tips for me for becoming a lawyer i mean like things i need to know while im young and things that i need to know =)

    • ORA

      Dear Fatima,

      The best thing you can do at this stage in your career is to work hard, study the most respected subjects and start learning about the law — our law articles are fun and helpful, all written by a brilliant Oxford law graduate.

      Good luck,

      The ORA Team

    • Ani

      We’re twins! Lol, I’m fourteen as well and I’m looking to study a law degree too. I’m trying to get as much information together before university and NCEA exams.

      • ANI J

        MY name is ANI a NIGERIAN I really thank you guys for a loving advice on how to be a good law student and i wanna know more about international law..Thanks

        • adedoyin esq

          > hello! Im adedoyin, im a nigerian as well and a fresher into oou to study law! Im sure this website is filled with loads of helpfully tips! Its realy intriguing. I will lik to know you ami, im sure you are in one of Nigerian’s most prestigious universities studying law! You can connect with me on whatsapp via this number: 08080689979. So we can get to ahare ideas and knowledge. Farewell

    • Gargi

      Read a lot of books. Not specific genere. Read whatever type you like . Enhance your vocabulary.

    • seun

      Add a comment…you need to commit yourself to it….As a student you need to master the courage and take a risk…challenges may come but with the courage u ave you will overcome


    This article is really interesting especially for people like me who are aspiring to read law in the university,thanks to the author!… I was just going to make a suggestion after reading this… I don’t know if this make sense but if a social network could be designed just for law students to discuss and share their experiences/ideas with their counterpart from around the world… Thanks

    • Gauri sharma

      > yes that would be a wonderful idea, I am in.

      • Emmanuel Solomon

        > me too

        • Palesa

          > so am I

    • Katlego

      Yah that would benefit many of us….I’m also in

    • Adetunji Khadijat

      Add a comment…that a gud idea…….

    • ayobami

      yeah dat would be of benefit…am in

    • Gugulethu

      brilliant idea indeed

    • shanillah tapako

      Yes I am in

    • Oke Oluwabukola

      That is a good idea Terban Terdoo.
      Yh, i love this write up…
      I am currently in my 1st year studying Business Law At Dublin Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
      I will be changing my course to Law. So i will be pleased, if a Social media Platform can be created for we aspiring to go into this field for study. Thanks. My whatsapp Number is +353894711091 Thanks all……….


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