Study Business Challenge with our Oxford Summer School 2018 | Students aged 16-18

Also available for students aged 13-15.

Class Summary

Our dynamic Business Challenge workshop has been designed to get students thinking about what makes a good business strategy, as they start up their own entrepreneurial brainchild and test it against the practical realities of business management. Students are divided into groups for the challenge, and much negotiate real-life obstacles such as marketing, budgeting, and the importance of leadership and teamwork in a business context. Within this context students are encouraged to be innovative and consider their own role in the launching of a hypothetical new product.

Over the course of the workshop, students have the opportunity to extend their skills and understanding through written and non-written tasks and through group work activities. They learn how to make an effective and persuasive presentation, consider the opportunities and challenges involved in the business of developing and innovating new products or technologies, consider the most effective strategies to market, advertise and finance such products, and learn about what has made some business pitches so much more profitable and successful than others. They will also learn specific skills such as how to conduct market research to better understand the sources of demand for a product or how a product might need to be modified.

Students have the opportunity to develop any idea of their group’s choice, in order to exercise their creativity to the full. Each group will be expected to present some detailed written work, which will be produced collaboratively, and make a formal presentation to the judges and other students. This reflects the skillset required of entrepreneurs in real life and helps students improve their own approach to management and enterprise. Students can expect to increase their confidence in themselves and in their ideas as their presentation and sales skills are honed.

Each group will be expected to present a brief in which they describe their product, outline their mission statement and corporate objectives, present a marketing audit consisting of their own primary and secondary research, outline their marketing objectives and marketing strategy as well as how much finance they require. The workshops will use a variety of visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities, tasks and skills to help all learners participate effectively. The main aim of the workshop is to consolidate their class-based learning and encourage students to be business leaders – creative, innovative and team-spirited.


No previous formal study of the subject will be assumed, except that which students might have acquired in their other options on the Broadening Horizons programme – however, students do not have to study the Economics course in order to participate in the Business Challenge workshop.