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College Life in Oxford

Experience the life of a University of Oxford student

Life in the colleges of the University of Oxford is unique. Behind ancient walls lie peaceful quadrangles that have supported learning and scholarship for at least eight centuries. A typical college consists of a dining hall, a chapel, a library, communal areas for students and accommodation for both students and lecturers.

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The ideal setting in which to build friendships across nationalities

ORA students are united by a passion for learning, but that is where similarities end: our student body is more diverse than ever, and the colleges provide the ideal setting in which to build friendships across nationalities and subject groups quickly and easily.

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At the end of an intense day’s learning, congregate in the college Hall

At the end of the day, all students congregate in the College Hall and dine together in gorgeous surroundings — a special opportunity to share ideas and relax with friends.

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Participate in classic Oxford summer activities

The University of Oxford’s colleges typically have several impeccable gardens within them, and playing croquet on these lawns — or simply having a tutorial outdoors on a pleasant day — is a classic summer activity in Oxford.

It is important to note that Oxford Royale Academy is not part of or otherwise affiliated with the University of Oxford. All our summer programmes are independently run and are not endorsed by the University.

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