Study English Literature with our Oxford Summer School 2018 | Students aged 13-15
Class Summary

Students on the English Literature option will spend their time grappling with some of the most famous works in the English language. They will learn the basics of literary criticism and develop an understanding of how to examine and dissect literature, helping them to identify and understand sub-text, imagery and metaphor. Looking at structure, themes, motifs and symbols within texts, students will gain an appreciation of the variation between different forms of literature. The course will span some 400 years of history, review giants of literature such as Shakespeare, Austen and Orwell, and explore genres such as poetry, Gothic literature and contemporary works.

As part of this course, students will have the chance to contribute their own ideas and interpretations as part of group discussions, thus building valuable communication skills that will stand them in good stead at school, university and beyond. In addition to debate, students will learn in a variety of other ways, including lectures, readings, interactive drama activities, textual analysis and written tasks. They will also be introduced to the art of writing an English literature essay, which will help them develop skills that will be invaluable for any humanities subjects they pursue in the future.

The English Literature course is an excellent opportunity for students to gauge whether English Literature is a subject they would like to pursue further at GCSE or A-level (or equivalent), as well as providing a good grounding for further study. Students will also be able to use what they learn on the course to get more out of their everyday reading, as well as picking up transferable skills – such as analytical and research skills – that they can apply to any academic discipline


No prior knowledge of English literature or literary criticism is expected for this course, but students are expected to be keen readers with a strong grasp of the English language.