The Law Oxford Gap Year programme provides prospective Law students with the chance to develop their academic understanding of the law through tuition and guided research.

Start dates*: January, March and September Location: Yarnton Manor, Oxford
Duration: 1 term (10 weeks) Price: £13,995
This course is ideal for: 17s – 19s English requirement: IELTS 5.5 (it is not compulsory to have taken an English test)

*Availability subject to a minimum of 4 students enrolling per term

“After Orientation Week, our lectures and lessons started and surprisingly these were even more interesting than the first one. I have to admit that the lessons here are some of the most interesting and interactive lessons that I have ever attended.” (Chris, Law Oxford Gap Year)


Whether you are thinking of studying Law as an undergraduate degree or as part of a graduate conversion course, this course is designed to set you on the right path to achieving your ambitions. The course also encourages development in wider skills essential to the successful study and practice of the law, including communication, academic writing, critical thinking and knowledge of current affairs.

The Project

As with all of our Oxford Gap Year subjects, the Law course focuses on the production of an extended piece of writing that the student must research and produce independently under the guidance of our tutors. Typically this consists of a thesis on a specific topic within the law, often an area of controversy or something featuring heavily in the news, although there is scope for producing something other than a thesis. Possible thesis titles and topics include:

  • The UK’s uncodified constitution and the separation of powers: who really holds the power in the UK?
  • Brexit: The legal case for and against Britain’s exit from the EU
  • Euthanasia: reconciling legal, moral and ethical values
  • The development of the law from ancient times to the present

Topics Covered

Following an initial Orientation Week, tutoring at our International Study Centre begins. This phase introduces the student to some of the fundamental areas of the law, covering the following modules:

  • Introduction to Law and the English Legal System
  • Contract Law
  • The Law of Tort
  • Criminal Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Legal Skills

Students will cover key information within these areas of the law and will also focus on a number of important case studies. The aim is to provide students with a sufficient platform to enable them to devise suitable topics for their Project, as well as specific case studies and examples into which they can conduct further research. Students will be expected to do considerable out-of-class study during this phase in order to fully grasp the material covered in class.

Example Trip

Students on the Law Gap Year course have the enviable opportunity to witness real-life court action at one of the Oxford courtrooms. Learning not only from the dialogue between defence and prosecution parties, students gain a broader understanding of the processes and functions of the British legal system, some of which are common across other countries both inside and outside of the EU.

Why Take the Law Oxford Gap Year programme?

Getting a head-start is vital in a field as competitive as Law. ORA’s Law Gap Year programme will help you grow in understanding of the areas that underpin the legal system in the UK, as well as giving your study skills a boost. It will enhance your ability to think critically and conduct independent research into a topic – traits that are invaluable to modern employers – and will provide an introduction to more specialist legal skills such as writing legal letters. The course is therefore an ideal opportunity for students on a gap year looking to use a considerable portion of their year to enhance their future possibilities in the field of Law.