If you dream of setting up your own business or want to flourish within one, the Business Oxford Study Programme will help you realise that ambition.

Start dates: Programme currently unavailable. Please go to our homepage for alternative courses. Location: Yarnton Manor, Oxford Duration: 1 term (10-12 weeks)
Price: £12,995 This course is ideal for: 19s – 25s English requirement: IELTS 5.5 (it is not compulsory to have taken an English test)

“Our tutors are extremely professional. We are taught in small classes learning day-to-day information about the business world and how to develop our business ideas to become the future entrepreneurs.” (Sofia – Business Oxford Study Programme)

“I have the opportunity to attend workshops at Oxford Brookes University as well as other educational programmes in the Said Business School.” (Petra – Business Oxford Study Programme)


The knowledge and skills required to succeed in business differ from those needed to be successful in academia. This course is designed to fill that gap and guide you through the process you’ll need to take, so that you can leave Oxford ready to plunge forward with your business plan with the best possible chance of success.

Course Content

The Business course is designed to give you the practical knowledge and skills necessary to make a successful start in setting up your own business. You will explore the reasons why some businesses succeed while others fail, analysing real-world examples, and you will gain an appreciation of the kinds of decisions and dilemmas entrepreneurs encounter when getting a business off the ground.

You will then concentrate on learning what’s involved in setting up your own business, including the relative merits of different business structures. You will learn about the legal aspects to starting a business, including your obligations as an employer. You will learn how to create your own business plan, covering such concepts as market research, branding and minimum viable products. You will delve into the complex world of financial forecasting and business accounting, as well as learning how to go about seeking investment. You will also learn sales and marketing techniques, as well as learning and developing the skills required to deal effectively with customers and business contacts.

As part of the Business Oxford Study Programme, you will work on a substantial piece of work, either completing your own business plan or writing a thesis on a business-related subject. You might wish, for instance, to analyse the successes and failures of a particular large business.

Topics Covered

The Business course provides a comprehensive learning experience that will build your knowledge of all aspects of starting a business, including:

  • What Makes Businesses Succeed or Fail?
  • Creating a Business Plan
  • The Legalities of Starting a Business
  • Accounting, Finance and Investment
  • Market Research
  • Sales and Marketing

Example Trip

This course is all about gaining practical knowledge that will help you get ahead in the world of business. To back up what you learn in the classroom, you will gain insights through informative trips to the offices of large businesses and corporations. This includes the Bank of England, the UK’s central bank, where you will learn about how large organisations are structured and run.

Why take the Business Oxford Study Programme?

This course is designed to teach you the practical knowledge and skills needed to set up your own business. What you learn on the course is therefore directly relevant to your future career plans if you’re planning to go straight into setting up your own business. If you think you might prefer to work your way up the career ladder of an existing business to begin with, this course will give you the vital background knowledge needed to stand out from other candidates, enhancing your CV and making you more employable. Whether you see yourself as an entrepreneur or an employee, you will benefit from valuable career guidance throughout the course, allowing you to use your time on the course to work towards realising your own goals and ambitions.