The Law Oxford Study Programme for 19-25 year olds broadens students’ understanding of this competitive field, whilst providing valuable networking opportunities.

Start dates: Programme currently unavailable. Please go to our homepage for alternative courses. Location: Yarnton Manor, Oxford Duration: 1 term (10-12 weeks)
Price: £12,995 This course is ideal for: 19s – 25s English requirement: IELTS 5.5 (it is not compulsory to have taken an English test)


Preparing for a career in a legal practice takes more determination than most, requiring you to build on the academic knowledge you’ve gained at university by honing the vocational skills necessary to become a successful lawyer. As you get ready to enter this exceptionally competitive job market, this valuable course will help you get ahead of the competition by analysing the key skills you will need to gain entry to a law firm as a graduate. The overall aim of this intensive course is to improve your employability and give you the best possible chance of success as you prepare to go through the demanding recruitment process required to get a much sought-after job in a law firm.

Course Content

On the Law Oxford Study Programme, you will concentrate on learning what it takes to join a law firm as a graduate. You will analyse and develop the skills law firms look for in recent graduates, such as clear written and verbal communication, project management, problem-solving and research skills. You will gain an understanding of the importance of excellent customer service and look at the challenges lawyers face in dealing and communicating with clients (for instance, the need to explain complex subjects in plain, non-technical English). You will look at the importance of ethics and integrity in the law, as well as gaining an appreciation of law firms as businesses and developing the commercial awareness necessary in the practice of law. You will also be guided through the recruitment processes used by law firms and you will consider how to answer typical interview questions.

The first part of the course focuses on learning in an Oxbridge tutorial-style environment, while the latter part of the course gives you the chance to complete a substantial piece of project work. You will be able to choose between analysing an on-going legal case or writing a thesis analysing a specific legal issue, such as a piece on how EU law differs from UK law.

Topics Covered

The focus of the Law course is on analysing and developing the vocational skills necessary for success in the field of law. Some of the topics you will cover include:

  • What Does it Take to be a Successful Lawyer?
  • Law Firms as Businesses
  • Working with Legal Clients
  • Legal Research, Writing and Drafting
  • Litigation and Advocacy
  • Applying for a Job with a Law Firm


Example Trip

Consolidating what you learn in the classroom, you will undertake trips to legal practices and courts of law to watch real cases unfold. This will give you the opportunity to observe lawyers and law firms at work, reinforcing your class-based analyses of the skills required to be a successful lawyer.

Why take the Law Oxford Study Programme?

The Law Oxford Study Programme course is designed to give you a valuable head-start in gaining employment as a lawyer after graduation, helping you to hone vital legal skills. You will learn how to stand out from the crowd in this highly competitive job market, and you’ll receive practical career guidance from experienced lawyers throughout the course, enabling you to use your attendance on the course to take concrete steps towards achieving your career ambitions. You will leave Oxford Royale Academy with a stronger CV and the knowledge and skills you need to make a successful law firm job application.