Game Development Programme

The Game Development Programme provides prospective developers with the chance to gain experience in this growing field, culminating in their own creative project.

Start dates: January* Location: Yarnton Manor, Oxford
Duration: 1 term (10 weeks) Price: £14,995
This course is ideal for: 17s – 25s English requirement: IELTS 5.5 (it is not compulsory to have taken an English test)

*Availability subject to a minimum of 4 students enrolling per term


This course provides computer game enthusiasts a perfect opportunity to investigate the reality of working in the games industry. A perfect opportunity to gain practical experience, and either start or add to a portfolio of work using the Unity engine.

The Project

As with all of our Oxford Gap Year and Oxford Study Programme subjects, the Game Development Programme focuses on the production of an extended piece of work that the student will conceptualise and produce independently under the guidance of our tutors. This will likely consist of a playable game concept, developed from an idea through to a playable alpha-state project. Students will explore ideas and concepts with their experienced tutors, moving through to early exploration of the Unity game engine, before spending the bulk of their time in constructing and refining their game.

Topics Covered

Following an initial Orientation Week, tutoring at our International Study Centre begins. This phase introduces the student to some of the fundamental areas of game development, using the Unity engine as the basis for lessons. Students will cover:

  • Scripting
  • Animation
  • Asset Generation and Management
  • Optimisation
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Audio

Students will cover key information within these areas of the industry and will also discuss how to get into the industry with current professionals and independent developers. The aim of the course is to give students the best possible preparation and insight into further study and work in the field. Students will be expected to do considerable out-of-class work during the latter phases in order to meet the expectations of their tutors, and to create the best possible game concept.

Course Structure

The course runs for 10 weeks and centres around the creation of a playable game concept with the following ‘core’ course structure.

Weeks 1 to 2: Tuition

Weeks 3 to 4: Unity Engine

Weeks 5 to 7: Character and Game Development

Weeks 8 to 10: Fine-tuning

Why Take the Game Development Programme?

Getting a head-start is vital in a field defined by as much evolution and change as the games industry. ORA’s Game Development Programme will help you grow in understanding of the industry, and, most importantly, a grounding in the practical skills, programmes and systems which are prevalent throughout the industry, in various forms.

With access provided to the full suite of editing and creation software of the Unity Engine, a leading engine with wide-ranging applicability, students will have the scope to create games of genuine intricacy – or of ingenious simplicity, should they prefer. Students will be able to supplement their tutorials and lessons with online tuition should they desire it, in more specialised areas, and will do so on top-range Mac computers, with unlimited access to these facilities – again mirroring the dedication shown by many developers!