Charitable Activities

Charitable activities are an important part of the culture at ORA. We are committed to safeguarding the environment and improving conditions both in the local community and further afield.


Image shows a large group of schoolchildren in Ghana reaching for a bright blue ball.

ORA provides ongoing support to the educational charity Promoting Equality in African Schools (PEAS), which seeks to deliver sustainable secondary education to areas of Africa where it is not yet available. Rather than focusing on short-term goals, PEAS looks to build a sustainable future for young Africans. By building an educational infrastructure that can be made financially independent, PEAS hopes that in time enough school places will be created to educate every Ugandan child. In 2013 PEAS was selected as the International Development Charity of the Year by the UK’s Civil Society Charity Awards.

Watch the video below to learn more about PEAS:

Restoration of the Oxford Astronomical Society Observatory

Night sky

ORA made a donation that enabled the restoration of the observatory in Merton College after 15  years of disuse. It is the only astronomical observatory in Oxford that is open to the public.

Town & Gown Charity Run

Image shows runners on the Town and Gown 10k going through Oxford.

ORA staff participated in the 10K Town & Gown charity run in support of the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, donning orange tops and joining thousands of runners who jogged their way through the streets and parks of Oxford.

Fundraising for the Disasters Emergency Committee

Image shows a family near Dadaab gathering firewood.

Our staff and students participated in a project to raise funds in aid of the victims of droughts in East Africa. Students had a chance to donate money during various events and leave behind any unwanted cash at the end of the programme. We raised £1067.95, all of which was donated to victims of the crisis.

Sponsorship of University of Oxford College Sports Teams

Image shows the Oxford University sports grounds.

ORA sponsored the sports kit of a number of Oxford University College teams, including St Peter’s College Football Team, Corpus Christi College Football Team, Linacre College Football Team and the Christ Church Netball and Basketball Teams.

Image credit: schoolchildren; St Catherine’s College; the Town and Gown run; drought in East Africa; Oxford University sports ground.