Results and Achievements

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We are very proud to have met each and every student that has passed through the doors of our International Study Centre. Our students have achieved some outstanding things both during and after their time with us. Below are but a few examples of how our students have progressed.

Carolina – Oxford Gap Year (Medicine)

Carolina attended the Oxford Gap Year after unfortunately getting rejected by both Brighton and Sussex University. During her programme, however, she opted to take the University Preparation supplementary study option. As a result of this, she secured four interviews at Russell Group Universities and secured her place at every one of them, most notably her top choice: the University of Manchester. Whilst studying with ORA, she also achieved particularly high grades in her BMAT and UKCAT with the help of our expert tutors, and wrote a thesis that was highly commended and received the highest grade: A+.

Fizza – Oxford Gap Year (Business and Enterprise)

Fizza attended the Oxford Gap Year having previously attended the Oxford Royale Summer School. During her time at the Study Centre and through her hard work, she was elated to discover that she had been accepted into New York University to study Economics.

Gerd – Bespoke (IB Economics and Maths)

Gerd joined the International Study Centre in order to boost his IB grades. Following an intensive study period, he returned home to take his exams. He was delighted to inform us that his grades increased substantially in both his Economics and his Maths: scoring 2 more points in each subject.

Richard – Bespoke (Maths)

Richard attended a Maths Private Tuition course so that he was fully prepared for his upcoming exams. Concerned that his enthusiasm for the subject was fading, he reported a new passion for the subject and started to genuinely enjoy it again. His mother, in particular, informed us that he was thoroughly enjoying his Maths classes back at home following a successful tuition period at the International Study Centre.

Marco – Bespoke (EFL)

Marco arrived at the International Study Centre wanting to boost his English skills. Working closely with his tutor, he studied for one month focusing on his reading, writing, speaking and listening. After returning home, he was delighted to receive the high mark of a C1 in the Cambridge English Language Assessment.