Student feedback is incredibly important to us at the International Study Centre. Below are a few of our favourite passages.

“The Gap Year Programme helped me gain a better understanding of the economy from a marketing standpoint.”

Isabel, Business Gap Year student, accepted at Duke University

“Looking back at the goals that I had set for myself to accomplish during my gap year, I can confidently say that I have far exceeded them and this is greatly because of Oxford Royale Academy.”

Beatrice, Medicine Gap Year student

“The lessons here are some of the most interesting and interactive lessons that I have ever attended.”

Chris, Law Gap Year student

“It’s great to see your idea come to life and have all these people helping you to make your film. I was really excited about working with professional actors. I can put this film in my portfolio when I apply for film school, and I hope it helps me be accepted into my first choice. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone that loves film.”

Berend, Future Filmmakers Gap Year student

“During the lessons we have the opportunity to compare politics nowadays with each
topic we study. We also have very interesting debates about the election in the U.S.”

Steffen, Politics and International Relations Gap Year student

“This Thursday, some of us went to the Wellcome Collective, a library in London
near University College London, for a talk about the future of psychiatry. It was very
interesting to be around people who either know a lot about the topic or are eager to get to know more. And I think that is what being here, at least for me, is all about.”

Marijn, Medicine Gap Year student

“The academic programme allowed me to have completely new experiences such as visiting different labs, lectures, symposiums; gaining a better understanding of the human body and mind, first aid skills, oral presentation abilities, and the importance of Generative Leadership. This has been an intense and challenging experience personally, socially, and academically.”

Angela – Medicine Gap Year student

“The marvellous Yarnton Manor, the place Angela talks about so much. The place where she has spent a great term studying and, most importantly, growing as a person.”

Parent of  Medicine Gap Year student

“The strong combination of academics along with independent research has helped me develop intellectual depth. I strongly believe that the Oxford Gap Year has made me a versatile and industrious girl by instilling in me intellectual curiosity, strong leadership, determined vision, a scholarly approach and a philosophy to excel in life. ORA unveils a whole spectrum of opportunities.”

Fizza – Business Gap Year student

“Aymeric had a great time at the International Study Centre. We will definitely recommend the school to friends if the opportunity arises.”

Parent of student

“Richard has sent me results of his two tests he did and they are greatly improved in comparison to what he has recently received back at school. He said he had a good teacher, explaining maths problems well, and that he feels a real difference when he sits in math classes now. Following his tuition with ORA, the classes are a pleasure now.

Parent of student

  • 85% of students would recommend ORA to their friends and family
  • 2 out of 3 of students on short courses would like to study at Yarnton Manor full-time
  • 79% of students said that their accommodation at Yarnton Manor was excellent