Study Leadership & Teambuilding with our Oxford Summer School 2018 | Students aged 16-18

Also available for students aged 13-15.

Class Summary

This Leadership and Teambuilding course involves activities, games and exercises that aim to develop principles of teamwork and leadership, replicating contexts that students are likely to encounter in their future academic, professional, and social development. Students are encouraged to reflect on their own experiences, as well as to look at the behavioural styles of famous leaders.

In this course students consider what it really means to be a part of a team, and what attitudes and insights they might need if they were placed in a position of leadership. In addition to practical team-building activities, students are also required to reflect upon and discuss the more theoretical elements of leadership. These two elements will be used in conjunction with each other to allow students to replicate the kinds of situations faced during everyday life, as well as discuss and evaluate their performance. It goes without saying that these transferable skills will be of immense use to students even outside the classroom.

During the course of this workshop students are asked to complete a range of tasks and activities, which are all geared towards inspiring them to become stronger leaders and better team players. These activities work in conjunction with discussion of theories of teamwork and leadership, and allow students to reflect on what kind of leader/team player they currently are, and what they would like to become.

We all have strengths when it comes to working in a group situation, and we all have areas that could perhaps be improved upon. The beauty of working as a team is that it allows us to use the numerous talents and varied skills of different group members to complete tasks or overcome obstacles. These sessions are aimed at ensuring that students recognise what talents are available to the groups that they find themselves working in, and make sure that they are utilised as fully as possible, while also being able to deal with any problems or unexpected situations that may arise.

In spite of its more serious elements, the course is also designed to allow students to enjoy themselves and have the opportunity to get to know their peers as they work together to solve the tasks that the workshop leader throws at them. Students come from a wealth of diverse backgrounds, and the the unique insights that this provides can be used to great advantage over the course of the workshops.