Study Management Studies with our Oxford Summer School 2018 | Students aged 16-18
Class Summary

A course with direct relevance to students’ future careers, Management Studies provides an excellent introduction to the world of business and the challenges it entails. Students will spend part of their time on this course exploring the skills and personality traits required for management, as well as learning about the responsibilities typically expected of the modern manager.

They will discuss leadership and management styles, and they will be introduced to some of the techniques required to be an effective manager. Students will gain an understanding of hierarchies of management and of human resources, discussing some of the challenges a manager might come up against in the course of their duties and debating how best to approach various challenging scenarios.

Some of the Management Studies course will be devoted to teaching students about the theories underpinning modern management, such as the economics of business and management. They will explore the financial considerations and constraints that most managers will be required to work within, both at the company level and in the context of an unstable economy.

During this course, students will have the opportunity to develop their own management skills through practical exercises and workshops. This will prove to be useful experience for their CVs and future job applications, which often require applicants to provide concrete examples of situations in which they have demonstrated good leadership and other qualities.

The course will provide students with a valuable grounding in a subject they may not have had the chance to study at school, and one they may wish to pursue further at university and beyond. In addition to gaining an understanding of what management involves, students will develop numerous transferable skills from attending this course, including the ability to work effectively with others and to lead a team. They will also have the opportunity to quiz our expert management studies teachers on what they can do to pave the way for a successful career in management.


No prior knowledge is expected for this course, but students are expected to have an interest in business and may see themselves as future managers.