Study Marketing and Digital Marketing with our Oxford Summer School 2018 | Students aged 16-18
Class Summary

This course has been designed to open students’ eyes to the wide-ranging field of marketing – something that very few of us can escape in the 21st century, yet a subject that few students will have had the opportunity to study at school. The course explores marketing in its many guises, from traditional television advertising and public relations to the various forms of digital marketing, such as social media, email, search engine optimisation and paid search marketing.

Students on this course will consider the crossover between traditional and digital marketing, learning how online marketing techniques can complement offline marketing campaigns. This theory will be supported with reference to well-known examples; for instance, certain big supermarket Christmas television adverts and the social media campaigns that support them.

Students will spend part of this course developing an understanding of marketing strategy and how to plan effective market research, including how to segment groups of people into appropriate target audiences. Classes will also examine the psychology behind marketing and what makes people buy, teaching students an overview of the consumer decision-making process, which every marketer must understand in order to plan an effective campaign.

Throughout the course, students will have the chance to analyse a number of famous marketing campaigns, learning about how such campaigns are put together and debating what it is that makes them successful. They will also critically evaluate the Conventional and Digital Marketing strategies and campaigns of an organisation making such recommendations.

The course will prove a valuable grounding in a subject that will be of relevance to numerous job opportunities in the future. As well as providing useful knowledge and experience for students’ CVs, this course will also teach a range of transferable skills, such as analytical and research skills and the ability to work effectively with others. Students who are considering a future career in marketing will have the opportunity to quiz our knowledgeable teachers on how to maximise their chances of successfully securing a job in this fascinating field.


No prior knowledge is expected for this course, though students are welcome to come prepared with some examples of recent marketing campaigns that have caught their eye.