Study Software and App Development with our Oxford Summer School 2018 | Students aged 16-18
Class Summary

Over the course of the exciting Software and App Development option, students will learn the basics of software programming and app development, gaining a deeper understanding of the technology on which modern society increasingly depends. With a much talked-about skills shortage in this ever-growing field, participation on this course will enable students to take a big step towards equipping themselves with the knowledge they’ll need to secure a job on graduation.

Students will begin by investigating the numerous potential uses of apps and software, looking at examples of popular apps from a range of sectors, such as games, personal fitness, banking, business and healthcare. They will then learn about the challenges involved in creating an app, developing an understanding of how to assess risks and quality.

During this course, students will gain hands-on experience of app development as they discover what is involved in turning an idea into a functioning app. Working together in groups, they will be asked to come up with an idea, plan out how it will work and then build the app, with guidance from our expert teachers.

This course will teach students valuable extra IT skills that will stand them in good stead for their future careers. Students will come away with practical experience that they can include on their CV and discuss in future job applications. What’s more, the transferable skills they will pick up along the way – such as working effectively in a team and planning a project – will come in useful in any career.

For those wishing to pursue software development at university or as a career, our teachers will be on hand to answer questions on how to pursue further studies in software and app development.


Excellent computer literacy and familiarity with smartphones will be expected of students on this course.