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A teacher gesticulates in class.


Oxford Royale Summer Schools's tutors are of the highest calibre, many of whom have studied at top UK universities
including the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Our teachers have a keen interest in helping
students develop fresh perspectives and realise their academic potential.


To hear from some of our tutors and for more information about our teaching faculty,
please browse the information below

Jackie Watson Law Tutor

ORA offers you the chance to choose your next stage wisely, in an environment where you will have time to ask questions and without the pressure of exams.

- Jackie Watson, ORA Law Tutor

Bruce Windwood Film Tutor

The teaching culture at ORA is one that actively encourages me to teach in an explorative, non-prescriptive and creative way.

- Bruce Windwood, ORA Film Tutor

Kathryn Bevis Creative Writing Tutor

Students value the opportunity to take part in courses that are truly tailored towards their own interests. As a result, they make great strides in their academic performance, developing both as scholars and as independent thinkers.

- Kathryn Bevis, ORA Creative Writing Tutor

Hossein Shokr Business Studies Tutor

As one of ORA’s Business Studies tutors, my students will not just learn about business theories and concepts, but learn how to use their critical thinking and innovation to be a successful person in their future career and academic life.


Derek Evans English Tutor

ORA students are always varied, fascinating, lively young people from all corners of the globe, open and alert to new experiences and fresh ideas. A recent class described themselves as ‘a microcosm of a better, future world’ - I think this epitomises Oxford Royale Summer Schools.


Mathematics and Science Department

Name Institution Qualifications Subject
Fredah Banda University of Zambia, University of Oxford Bsc, DPhil (candidate) Computer Science
Jodie Gibson Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Oxford BA, MSc Economics, Law and Finance
Chris Lander Birmingham, Oxford MEng, MSc, DPhil Chemical Engineering, Human Geography, Environmental Science
Umar Hussain Birmingham, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, Birmingham City Bsc, Msc, MA, PGCE Mathematics, Education
Stanley Pinsent Oxford MA Mathematics
Kabeleka Kabeleka Copperbelt, Oxford Brookes BSc, MSc Computer Science
Eszter Kormann Oxford Msc, PhD Pharmacology, Neurology
Jemma Jones Nottingham, Oxford, Southampton BA (Hons), MSt, PhD Archaeology, World Archaeology, Cognitive Archaeology
Joel Mitchell Birmingham Msc, MA (candidate) Maths, Philosophy
Jemma Smith Oxford BSc, MSc Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
Lucia Giles Oxford MBiochem, DPhil (Candidate) Cardiovascular Science
Hemal Bosamia London, Southampton MSci, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Chemistry, Medicine and Surgery
Bahar Tuncgenc Middle East Technical University, Oxford BA, Minor Program, MS, DPhil Psychology, Biology, Cognitive Science, Cognitive and Evolutionary Anthropology
Alex Rugens University of East London, Oxford Bsc, MS Anthropology, Native American Studies, Evolutionary Anthropology
Rachel Strong Bath, Cambridge MPhys, PhD Physics
Sarah Weston Leicester, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Msc, MBBS Medicine
Tanushree Agrawal University of Pennsylvania, Oxford Bsc, Mst Economics, Cognitive Science, Music Psychology
Jonathan Page Cambridge, Oxford Bsc, PhD (Candidate) Zoology, Animal Biology
Oliver Lindon Royal Holloway, Leicester BA, PGCE Psychology, History
Matthew Fisher Oxford MChem, Phd Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Dan Morey University of Bath MEng Mechanical Engineering
Rehan Shah University College London, Oxford BEng (UCL), MSc (Oxon) Mechanical Engineering with Business Finance, Applied Mathematics
Matthew Gaskell Bath, Southampton BSc, BMB Natural Sciences, Medicine
Alexandra Kenchington London, Southampton BA, BMBS Medicine
Louise Mallam Cambridge, Southampton BA, MPhil, BM BS (Candidate) Geography, Latin American Studies, Medicine
Amy Arnold Nottingham, London School of Medicine BSc, MMBS Neuroscience, Medicine

University Preparation Department

Name Institution Qualifications Subject
Jack Dolan Oxford MEng Civil Engineering
Daniel Harkin Oxford, Birkbeck College, Oxford BA (Hons), MPhil, MSt English, Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy
William McCready Sussex, Bristol, City Law School BA, MA, PhD, BPTC Law
Istvan Lele Budapest, Imperial College London Bsc, Msc Applied Physics, Aeronautics
Molly McLellan Oxford BA, MSt (candidate) Creative Writing
John Shedden Edinburgh, Portsmouth MND, MSc, PGCE Engineering, Maths
Solomon Beazer Oxford Brookes MEng Automotive Engineering
Endrit Shabani Luarasi, Oxford DPhil (Candidate) Law, Politics
Stephanie Upton Oxford, Southampton BA, BM Experimental Psychology, Medicine
Lara Jones King’s College London, Imperial, Plymouth BSc, MSc, Medicine Biomedical Science, Immunology, Medicine
Simon Hackett Liverpool, Oxford, Southampton BSc, MSc, DPhil, Bachelor of Surgery Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Medicine, Surgery
Andrew Lloyd Leeds, Oxford LLB (Hons), Mst Law, French, Medieval History
Chris Tan Nottingham BSc, PhD Biochemistry, Genetics
Ciaran Crowley Cork, Oxford BCL International, BCL Civil Law
David Stedman Nottingham, University of Hertfordshire, Leicester BSc, PGCE, Msc, MBA Finance, Economics, Computing
Jai Rajyaguru Imperial College London MEng, PhD Chemical Engineering

English as a Foreign Language

Name Institution Qualifications Subject
Ed Smith Sheffield BA, CELTA English literature, EFL
Luke Foggiano APU, Cambridge BA(hons), CELTA English literature, EFL
Jessica Morgan Oxford, Missouri, Brigham Young BA, MA, MSt Korean Studies, International Relations, English
Jonathan Webb Exeter BA, CELTA Arabic and Middle East Studies, EFL
Simon Posner Oxford BA, MPhil (candidate) Modern Languages
Richard Webb Sussex BA, CELTA Media & Communications
Rosie Waygood King’s College London, University of Bristol BA, PGCE Political and Urban Geography, French and German
Daphne Barkshire York, Athens BA, MA Linguistics, EFL, Politics and Philosophy
Zoe Guzy-Sprague Cornell, Goldsmiths BA, MA English, Writing for Performance, Dramaturgy, Translation


Name Institution Qualifications Subject
Bruce Windwood Canterbury Christ Church BA (Hons) English and Drama

STEM Teachers

Name Institution Qualifications Subject
Niamh Broderick Oxford MChem Chemistry
Michael Liggins Oxford, Greenwich BA(Hons), PGCE Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Further Education
Charl Sevel Oxford, LSE, Occidental College BA, MSc, MPhil, MBA Finance, Strategy, Marketing & Operations
Sabrina Martin William Jowell College USA, London, Oxford BA, MSc, DPhil Institutions and Policy, Philosophy, Political Theory and Politics
Jemma Smith Oxford BSc, MSc Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry
Matthew Fisher Oxford MChem, Phd (Candidate) Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry
Stanley Pinsent Oxford MA Mathematics
Tara Clarke Imperial MSc Science Communication
Rehan Shah London, Oxford BEng, MSc Engineering, Mathematical Modelling

Directors of Studies

First Name Surname Position Location
Michael Phipps Academic Director of Studies Head Office
Joanna Smith Director of Studies: EFL Head Office
Philip Meadows Deputy Director of Studies Head Office
Michael Plummer Special Educational Needs Coordinator Head Office
Patrick Quinn Director of Academic Enhancement Head Office

Programme Directors

First Name Surname Position Location
Chris Hovell Programme Director London
Christine Luscombe-Whyte Programme Director Yarnton Manor
Costa Constantinou Programme Director Jowett Walk
David Stedman Programme Director Clare College, Cambridge
Dennis Carty Programme Director St. Catherine's College, Oxford
Julia Abbott Programme Director Merton College, Oxford
Paul James Programme Director Yarnton Manor
Robert Barnes Programme Director St Peter's College, Oxford
Ronald Wilder Programme Director Queen's College, Oxford
Sarah Cassell Programme Director Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
Stephen Flavin Programme Director Balliol College, Oxford
Wendy Missons Programme Director St Mary's School, Ascot