We love hearing success stories from our brilliant ORA students, past and present.

University Success

A course with Oxford Royale Academy can inspire students to apply to, and gain entry to, some of the best universities in the world. We’re very proud to say that ORA alumni are currently studying at each of the top 15 universities in the UK*, working towards qualifications in a wide range of subjects.

RankingUniversity NameSubjects Studied by ORA Alumni
1University of OxfordEnglish, Theology & Religion
2University of CambridgeMechanical Engineering
3Imperial College LondonBiomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Electronic Engineering, Maths
4University College LondonComputer Science, Geology
5London School of Economics and Political SciencePolitics & Philosophy, Law, Management, Bio-Chemistry
6University of EdinburghInternational Business, Philosophy, Economics
7King’s College LondonLaw, European Studies, Political Economy, Mathematics, Pharmacy, History & War Studies, Geography, Film Studies
8University of ManchesterLaw, Optometry, Politics & International Relations
9University of BristolAerospace Engineering, Law, Engineering
10University of WarwickPsychology, Biomedical Sciences, Politics, Philosophy & Economics (PPE), Management, Film Studies
11University of GlasgowHistory of Art
12Durham UniversityInternational Relations, Liberal Arts, English Literature
13University of SheffieldMedicine
14University of St AndrewsEconimics, International Relations
15Queen Mary University LondonEconomics, Geography, History, Law, Politics

*University ranking based on Times Higher Education’s 2017 UK University league table

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Individual Success Stories

See below to read about David, a prospective student for 2017 who has been doing some fantastic fundraising work, as well as Nosher and Rayouf’s inspiring actions following their ORA experience in 2016, and read on to see other students’ stories. Did you attend ORA? We’d love to hear what you are up to now! Click here to submit your story.

David (Medical School Preparation, Cambridge)

davidsouthafrica“As a high school student in Siena, Italy, I wanted to help other teenagers to improve their studying opportunities, in order for a better education. So during my presidency at the Rotary Interact Club Siena in 2016, I organised many fund raising events such as dinners and lotteries to improve the local and the international community. Thanks to these occasions, together with the Rotary Clubs of Siena, Cambridge and Heldenberg Sunrise, I afford to raise the economic support for the refurbishment of Macassar High School’s library in South Africa and for the creation of a psychological recovery centre in Siena for victims of violence and abuse.”


Rayouf – #HijabEmoji (New Perspectives, 2016)


rayoufcropped“A week before summer came to an end, I submitted a proposal to Unicode Consortium requesting a headscarf emoji. The initial reason for writing this proposal was the mere notion that I wanted an image on the keyboard to represent me, alongside the millions that wear the headscarf as a part of their daily life. But now that this campaign has received global attention from newspapers, radios and news channels (CNN, BBC, AJ+ and the New York Times) I was able to delve deeper into the topic of the importance of representation. We will hear from Unicode Technical Committee in November, where a vote will be held to decide whether a headscarf emoji is added or not. I have received a lot of support from my friends at ORA. My time at ORA is living proof that you can get close to people in just two weeks. They always want me to keep them updated! ORA has definitely shaped my perception towards different cultures and individuals, which I believe indirectly influenced my efforts for a hijab emoji.”
– Rayouf Alhumedhi


Nosher,  Aymun and Musa – The Wall of Kindness
(Introduction to Computer Science & Broadening Horizons, 2016)


noshercropped“This summer while attending ORA, three young Pakistani, Aymun Imran, Musa Ashar and Nosher Ali Khan Zapoh, met in restaurant in Oxford. Over their lunch, their conversations quickly evolved from small talk to how they could contribute to a better Pakistan? That was when the idea of forming a NGO sprang up. After graduating and returning back to Pakistan their idea of an NGO became a reality as they founded PAK Care Foundation. As soon as people got to know about their idea of empowering young people via education, more and more concerned fellows joined them on their mission of creating an educated and evolved Pakistan. One of the ORA Scholars, Nosher Khan, travelled to the remote valley of Hunza amongst the Himalaya and built a wall of kindness. It is the first Wall Of Kindness in Hunza, and it is also the first of its kind in the world with a section reserved for books. The central idea behind this Wall of Kindness is to appreciate and promote the idea of sharing in the community of Hunza. Even though Hunza has developed significantly over the past few decades, there still are a few under-privileged people who often are not comfortable with the idea of asking for help. It is hoped that this Wall of Kindness will aid such people. People who have extra clothes and books can leave them in their designated spots on the wall, while those in need can take them away. No questions will be asked. This Wall of Kindness not only helped a few underprivileged people but actually inspired many other people to build such walls so that everyone, everywhere has access to clothes and, more importantly, books.”
–  Nosher Ali Khan Zapoh


Previous Alumni Success Stories



“Last month I broke a world record as part of the youngest expedition team ever to reach the summit of the Parang Peak (18,300 feet). In the process I have so far also managed to raise around $21,790 Hong Kong Dollars. Some of this money is going to an anti-bullying charity in England called Ditch the Label and some will be going to a local Hong Kong Charity called the Kely support group, which tackles the issue of alcohol and drug abuse among youths.” – Joseph Stuart



“In the summer of 2014, I participated in the Oxford Royale Film Academy. My dream career has always been to be a movie director and this course brought me one more step forward to fulfilling it. I am currently 14 years old and since then, I have made even more home pictures and for the first time, I competed in a short film competition to raise awareness about poverty in Hong Kong. You can see it here. The course has been extremely helpful in opening my eyes to see different camera angles and shots, to ultimately create a better movie.” – Katarina Lau



“I am a member of the Turkish swimming team. Recently one of my greatest achievments was the time when I broke the Turkish record and came first place in Europe for swimming. It took years for me to adjust the training and work but finally I got my prize. I’m very happy and delighted about this result.” – Zeynep Odabasi



“Getting a full scholarship to attend ORA in 2012 was one of the biggest milestones of my life. It is what made my university application stand out from the crowd and led me to gain admission in the Aga Khan University in Karachi, the best medical school in not only Pakistan but also in Asia. It is the most selective and prestigious institute which is widely regarded as the “Harvard of the East”. In the comprehensive interview, we were asked to talk more about ourselves and I couldn’t stop talking about the life-changing 2 weeks I spent in Oxford, which really appeared to impress my interviewers. I also went on to become a three-time National Spelling Bee Champion and am now acting as an official judge and pronouncer for the Bee. I am the President of a nationally famous Spelling Club in which I help students prepare for the Spelling Bee and the SAT, teaching them innovative ways to improve their vocabulary and linguistic skills. I am also a core member of a student run organization where we help our juniors in things like preparing for exams, summer school applications and university admissions. I have helped manystudents with their ORA scholarship application, and I’m proud to say that they made it and had the time of their lives, just like I did.” – Laaibah Ejaz

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