“Attending ORA this summer has been a life changing experience for our son. Would not hesitate for a moment to recommend this programme to other parents.”

(Ajoy, father of Rohan from Hong Kong – Rohan attended our New Perspectives programme in 2015)

“ORA is a great opportunity for children to grow, not only intellectually but also as a person. In addition to that it will be one of the most unique experiences of their lives, from which they will make great bonds with people from all over the world. With no doubt can I say, as a parent, that ORA is a good investment in terms of education. A true lifetime experience.”

(Paula, mother of Margarida from Portugal – Margarida attended our UK University Preparation programme in 2015)

“Krishnan has benefited from the short and intense programme. Working with a group of international students was an immense learning experience. The course was well planned and the intensity just right, giving the cohort time to interact and play. Krishnan has come away with increased self belief and sense for what it takes to be competitive internationally.”

(Ram, father of Krishnan from India – Krishnan attended our Medical School Preparation programme in 2015)

“Our son, Andrew (aged 14 years), had a fabulous two weeks at ORA! He travelled with a friend which made things a lot easier for him and soon he made great friends with kids from all over the world. He enjoyed his Introduction to Enterprise course immensely – he said that his teacher was excellent and he never moaned once about the work that they had to do. The teaching was stimulating and encouraging. Andrew was thrilled with the excursions and enjoyed all the social functions. It was a most worthwhile experience both academically and socially, and we will definitely be sending our younger son in the future!”

(Yvonne, mother of Andrew from South Africa – Andrew attended our Introduction to Enterprise programme in 2015)

“The programme offered by ORA allowed our son to enjoy a high quality, engaging learning experience in the areas and subjects he is most interested in, while improving his English and meeting with other teenagers of all over the world in a multicultural and well supervised environment. ORA’s attendees are a natural selection of motivated and smart kids from various countries who enjoy having fun together as much as sharing and learning. This context is ideal for kids to make the most of any learning experience. I also appreciated the time and effort taken by the teachers to provide honest and valuable feedback that can help the student to improve in his approach to learning.”

(Caterina, mother of Riccardo from Italy – Riccardo attended our New Perspectives programme in 2015)

“Our daughter attended the Law School Preparation course in July 2015. She had a fantastic time with loads of new friends and terrific staff. The course was a good mixture of academic, cultural and social activities. The programme touched on a lot of different areas of law as well as focusing on writing a personal statement for applying to university, and to actually attend a session in the supreme court was definitely one of the highlights. Our daughter was already very determined to study law but this course from ORA has made her even more enthusiastic.”

(Ingrid, mother of Nicole from United Kingdom – Nicole attended our Law School Preparation programme in 2015)

“My daughter went for the Broadening Horizons course and she had the time of her life. We were very pleased to hear about the extremely kind and helpful counsellors who ensured she had a great time. She was always occupied with exciting activities which she loved and she had an amazing two weeks.”

(Mustaq, father of Samina from Sri Lanka – Samina attended our Broadening Horizons programme in 2015)

“My children made friends from all over the world in a safe and fun environment in addition to learning the subjects they chose. It was an amazing experience for them.”

(Alison, mother of Portia from United Kingdom – Portia attended our Film Academy 13-15 programme in 2015)

“My son had a great experience during his two weeks. This was his first school camp in a university campus. It was extremely important to us as parents that our son gets the best out of it, and he did. Thank you ORA, see you next summer!”

(Tony, father of Jean from United Arab Emirates – Jean attended our Film Academy 13-15 programme in 2015)

“Attending the Global Leadership Programme was an absolutely phenomenal experience for our 16 year old daughter. She was challenged by the faculty and curriculum, she absolutely loved the fairy tale-like setting at Oxford and she left with an address book full of new friends around the world. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough for any parents wanting to provide their child with a transformative life and educational experience!”

(Rob, father of Miranda from United States – Miranda attended Global Leadership Programme in 2015)

“My daughter attended the Law School Preparation course this summer and did not want to come home! She loved the teaching, the social interaction and discovering Oxford. Thanks to this experience, she feels better equipped for her University applications.”

(Catherine, mother of Anusha from United Arab Emirates – Anusha attended our Law School Preparation programme in 2015)

“Janek’s experience truly ‘broadened his horizons’ – a life experience that will always be remembered from both an academic and social perspective.”

(Maryla, mother of Janek from South Africa – Janek attended our Broadening Horizons programme in 2015)

“Our son really had a fantastic time at ORA and now has a worldwide network of friends. His pronunciation has improved a lot and he’s not afraid to speak English anymore. We are impressed by the overall improvement of his English speaking and writing. Besides all that, he has really turned into a young adult during these two weeks of studying at ORA.”

(Krista, mother of Martijn from Netherlands – Martijn attended our Oxford Summer English 16-18 programme in 2015)

“ORA provided everything I was expecting from a summer school – serious teaching environment, great experience and lots of fun. The daily Tumblr blog is great: everyone in our family was checking it out a few times a day. When I met my son at the airport after the course I asked him the most important question: “Will you go back next year?” He replied: “I don’t know, because it was so nice and I already miss my new friends so much that I’m not sure that I can go through the separation once again!” A few hours later, he already had plans for a 2016 course agreed with his new friends over Facebook. So, we will be back. Thank you ORA and special thanks to the blog team from parents and grandparents from Croatia.”

(Nicolas, father of Grgur from Croatia – Grgur attended our Oxford Summer English 13-15 programme in 2015)

“The students were really well taken care of and the communication was excellent. My son was greeted at the airport and he was travelling alone, yet the ORA staff made all the transfers very smooth. Students had the time of their lives and really enjoyed their courses and activities. And, as parents, we were delighted to follow them online on ORA’s blog. Excellent Job!”

(Thea, mother of Salim from Lebanon – Salim attended our Oxford Summer English 13-15 programme in 2015)

“My daughter had a wonderful experience and had hoped that it could have been longer. The ORA team has done a great job. Would not hesitate to recommend to my family/friends.”

(Doris, mother of Dwayne from United Arab Emirates – Dwayne attended our Medical School Preparation programme in 2015)

“Rishab came back a changed individual. His confidence levels and general knowledge were tremendously improved. We are very happy to have chosen ORA for our son.”

(Deepali, mother of Rishab from India – Rishab attended our Broadening Horizons programme in 2015)

“I very much recommend Oxford Royale Academy summer courses. My daughter took the Engineering Preparation course and she loved it! The teachers were full of enthusiasm and the off-class programme was excellent with lots of interesting activities worth experiencing. Not to mention meeting people from all around the world starting from California to Japan. All in all, it was an unforgettable and worthy experience.”

(Nataša, mother of Đorđević from Serbia – Đorđević attended our Engineering Preparation programme in 2015)

“My daughter’s experience was amazing. She absolutely loved it and, for me as a parent, I felt comfortable having her there. My daughter has attended other programmes for the summer and I have to say that Oxford Royale was the best experience. The teachers were highly qualified, she actually had fun and really learned and she came back highly motivated. She spoke very highly of all the teachers and conferences. I would definitely send her again. She has attended the programme twice already.”

(Griselle, mother of Paola from Honduras – Paola attended our Oxford Enterprise Programme in 2015)

“During the course my daughter called to thank me for sending her to Oxford and said that it was the best experience of her life.”

(Mehreen, mother of Shanzeh from Bangladesh – Shanzeh attended our New Perspectives programme in 2015)

“ORA was a life changing experience for Camila. She made friends from many countries and expanded her horizons. The teachers and all the ORA staff were very professional and kept the kids engaged in all the academic as well as cultural activities.”

(Blanca, mother of Camila from United States – Camila attended our New Perspectives programme in 2015)

“This was a pivotal educational and social experience for our son to come and meet and study with kids from all over the world. It was superbly run and the group counsellors were friendly and supportive of the kids. Their safety and security was never in doubt and I would definitely recommend it. We will probably be back next year – our son had so much fun.”

(Vicki, mother of Nicholas from Australia – Nicholas attended our New Perspectives programme in 2015)

“Our daughter discovered ORA on the internet, and decided she wanted to go. To say she gave the course a rave review is to understate it. She has put it firmly in the “highlight of a lifetime” category. The course, freed of school syllabus constraints, was really interesting and engaging. The students were well-housed and fed. The tutors were friendly, helpful and passionate about their subjects. The supervision was effective without being oppressive. She also made many friends from around the world. In short, a totally worthwhile experience.”

(Julyan, father of Michaela from South Africa – Michaela attended our Broadening Horizons programme in 2015)

“These two weeks at Yarnton Manor were an exciting, sociable and educational experience for our daughter. It was amazing to see how kids from all over the world became friends from the first meeting. Our daughter is already waiting for next summer and the next ORA courses.”

(Ekaterina, mother of Karin from Israel – Karin attended our Introduction to Medicine programme in 2015)


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