“It was great to hear that my son considered this the best experience of his life” (Joanna, mother of Brian, Hong Kong)

“ORA provides a very safe environment for our children. The counsellors are very helpful and caring so that parents won’t worry about children staying in a place far from home.” (Yolanda, mother of Hannah, Hong Kong)

“My child was rather anxious before leaving for a foreign country: will I make any friends? She came back crying because she did not want to leave the many friends that she had made at Oxford. Ever since, she is constantly on Facebook etc, chatting with the many friends from all over Europe she has made and is already planning visits. On the academic side, I think, the preparation has helped her become less nervous about the tests and help her to prepare seriously. Thank you Oxford!” (Martha, mother of Morgane, Sweden)

“I just wanted to thank you and all the councillors, junior deans, teaching and adminstration staff for putting on such a superb summer school. Our daughter Caroline has truly enjoyed every second of her 2 weeks at Jowett Walk on the New Perspectives course. To be able to share the amazing experience with people of the same age from around the world has truly left her speechless with joy.” (Jayne and Ian, parents of Caroline, UK)

“It was a fantastic course and helped him to develop my son’s confidence levels. He learnt a lot which would be really helpful for future steps in life. Also personality development and networking which can not get from any textbooks in the world at present. The other thing we would like to highlight as parents, the amount of care taken by your staff. It is mid-night here in Australia and my son’s flight to Mauritius got cancelled. Before airlines confirmed about this, we had call from one of your caring staff. He has given enough assurance that my son is safe and necessary arrangements will be made before your staff leave airport for Srisai to be placed in safe hands. That is really appreciative from parents of only one child living thousands of miles away. We greatly appreciate amount of care taken, rather just drop at airport. We would be happy to recommend ORA courses to our friends in Australia after heard feedback from our son and physically seen amount of care taken by ORA staff for young kids travelling alone all the way.” (Hari & Vijju, parents of Srisai, Australia)

“It was the first time my daughter travels unaccompanied and this was much stressful and worrying time. The care,  close follow up and swift response made our worries just vanish away. Sincere gratitude.” (Chadi, father of Yara, Lebanon)

“Good organized and right balance between leisure and study.” (Ignacio, father of Carolina, Spain)

“It was an exciting and enriching experience from a personal and academic perspective.” (Fouad, father of Jad, Lebanon)

“This is the best place to send your child for his/her summer. It improves the overall personality of the child and learn to face new challenges.” (Gaurav, father of Kushaal, India)

“Our daughter loved the Broadening Horizons program and did not want to come home as she had met wonderful friends from all over the world and was excited academically by the interesting array of courses.” (Carla, mother of Claire, Netherlands)

“My son attended the Enterprise Program and we could not be happier with his experiences. He grew academically and socially. Living, learning, and having fun with peers from many difference countries has made him more politically and culturally aware. Thanks for offering such a great program. PS he also learned a lot in his classes!” (Joan, mother of Christopher)

“It was worth while my son adored being in ORA.” (Marina, mother of José Maria, Portugal)

“ORA Engineering Prep is very useful especially for students who really want to study engineering but don’t know its core content .The programme is academically oriented and requires effort from the student as well,it is a serious and comprehensive course with a proper balance of social activities.” (Berrin, mother of Sinan, Turkey)

“Great summer school, well organized.” (Elvira, mother of Ivana, Slovenia)

“Joyce certainly enjoyed her time. Provided her with a new learning experience and opportunity to meet and make friends with other students from around the world. Provided her with a window on what to expect when she goes to university. The course and organisation have been managed well and ORA must be congratulated on a job well done.” (David, father of Joyce, Australia)

“My son Aritra had an excellent time in Oxford with the ORA. He made good friends loved the subject he was taught & loved his teachers. We as parent loved the way the teacherscommented about Aritra & everything else. We will definitely recommend ORA to our friends. Aritra is also looking forward to join next summer if he is free. Sudipa Samanta.” (Sudipa, mother of Aritra, India)

“My daughter came back home with a great sense of accomplishment, feeling that her two weeks in the film academy were what she needed to ensure her interest and talent in filmmaking.” (Isabelita, mother of Marisa, Brazil)

“Very good summer school. It’s worth everything.” (Eleftheria, mother of Alexandros, Greece)

“This first time at ORA was a fantastic experience for our daughter and for us. She enjoyed her time a lot and made lots of new friends. She enjoyed the courses and all the organized activities. She will be back next year.” (Patricia, mother of Marie, Luxembourg)

“Great organisation , the course was very interesting and worked very well for my daughter.” (Christine, mother of Francesca, Italy)

“My son had a fantastic time at Oxford and was very happy with what he has learned.” (Gabriella, mother of Matteo, Italy)

“Unforgettable experience not only in knowledge but in new friends and experiences.” (Javier, father of Lucía, Spain)

“This program was a fantastic experience for our teen. She came back to us with new global friendships and wonderful stories about her days exploring. It surpassed both her and our expectations for safe and interesting learning abroad.

“We were very satisfied with enrollment process and our questions were always promptly answered.” (Anne, mother of Wendy, USA)

“Molly had a fantastic experience and came back with many great memories and new global friendships. The program far surpassed all our expectations.” (Anne, mother of Molly, USA)

“Our daughter had a wonderful time at ORA’s New Perspectives camp. It was the first time she had been away from home for two weeks and that too, abroad! But she absolutely loved the combination of interesting classes, fun field trips and most of all, the friends she made from all over the world. She’s already asking to do it again!” (Roopa, mother of Maya, USA)

“My son spent two fantastic weeks combining hard work and social experiences with students coming from different parts of the world.” (Fernando, father of Tomás, Spain)

“Send your children to ORA! It is the best summer school ever!” (Elizabeth, mother of Sebastian, Italy)

“My son loved it, he did a 2 week session and he told us I want to do 1 month next year ! It is not only a way to improve english, it is also a way to grow by themselves and among different citizenships.” (Laurence, mother of Tarek, France)

“The course that organized by ORA lives up to my expectation as students are well taken care of with qualified teachers facilitating our children.” (Connie, mother of Keith, Hong Kong)

“This experience was wonderful to my daughter. She could see clearly that her goal in Oxford.” (Alessandra, mother of Carolina, Brazil)

“This program was a wonderful experience for our teen. Not only did she come back to us with knowledge from her classes but she formed global friendships and appreciation for other cultures. We highly recommend this program.” (Anne, mother of Molly, USA)

“We were a bit worried to send our son, just turned 13, away on his own for the first time. But 2 weeks on, we met a confident and happy boy who had had one of his best experiences.” (Maj, mother of Albert, Denmark)

“The Oxford Royale Broadening Horizons course offered my daughter a wonderful opportunity to extend her knowledge base, but to specifically do so in a *University course* like setting, work approach and result delivery mode. She came back feeling energized, confident and very motivated at all levels: to work hard this coming year scholastically, to keep contact with her new friends at the four corners of the world and to some day… be chosen to work as a summer counselor for the ORA program.” (Pieternella, mother of Orelie, Canada)

“This is the first time that we have enrolled our son at a school like this. When we arrived, everything was so well organized that our kids seemed right at ease and so did we! There was a staff member who immediately engaged our kids in conversation. The registration area made sure that mobile phones worked and numbers were saved for both school and child. We were concerned the kids would be left on their own and not participate in activities; but that was not the case. The school made sure that all kids participated and were involved in activities. My kids loved it, and I would highly recommend the program.” (Sharon, mother of Spencer, USA)

“A very professional course – my daughter loved it!” (Hans, father of Henny, Norway)

“The experience of a summer course is fantastic and to meet people from all over the world.” (Sarah, mother of Armand, Brazil)

“The ” Broadening Horizons” course was the best decision taken as parents for our son. It made us aware of a very responsible and independent side of our child, underestimated by us. The only “negative” flip side was – Arihan enjoyed Oxford soo much, that he didn’t want to come back!” (Anita, mother of Arihan, India)

“Very well organised, a positive experience and she made lots of friends.” (Sima, mother of Nadine, Ireland)

“It was a great experience for my children.” (Abdullah, father of Mohammed, Saudi Arabia)

“This was a wonderful experience for my son. Everything was extremely organized and the program offered so much more than just academics. Definitely recommend this! Thanks again ORA.” (Yasmine, mother of Ziad, USA)

“I want to congratulate for this programme because my daughter got to meet people from all over the world and this made her be more openminded about the world she lives in, this opportunity also helped her to choose what she wanted to study in an independent way. this might help her to get a schoolarship in ORA.” (Aldo, father of Daniela, Guatemala)

“This course is a good chance for any child to experience oxford university and study abroad entertaining academic and they can make friends with children from allover the world the mentors were very responsible and good hospitality thank you ORA for this wonderful experience for my kids.” (Vani, mother of Shashank, India)

“Our son Teodor, attended twice ORA courses. Each time, was a very interesting experience for himself. The both courses were very useful from an academic point. Congratulations for the whole ORA team.” (Stefania, mother of Teodor, Romania)

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