“Academically and socially, this was the best experience we could have given our son and daughter. Sessions are detailed and well-planned, exceptional instructors and beautiful campus. We’ve attended twice, and are now planning our third visit next summer. Well done ORA!” – Genoa, mother of Ariel and Elia (Canada), who studied Introduction to Law and Introduction to Medicine in 2016.

“ORA is an excellent platform for students from around the world to increase their knowledge and expand their comfort zones.” – Kishor, father of Soham (India), who studied Introduction to Leadership in 2016.

“My son’s ORA experience was priceless from beginning to end. He met, learned from and interacted with students from all over the world and gained valuable perspectives and insights from them. The academic experience was challenging and motivated him to excel. The university environment, halls of residence and access to the city of Oxford all proved to be unique and treasured opportunities. As parents we strongly recommend this experience. It was truly memorable for us as well as for our son! So much so that, since attending ORA, he has decided to apply to Oxford University to pursue his undergraduate studies.” – Pierre, father of Patrick (Puerto Rico), who studied Engineering Preparation in 2016.

“ORA provided the perfect summer experience for our 16 year old daughter, in that it was safe, international, and of a high academic standard. She excelled socially and academically. We couldn’t be happier with the choice we made.” – Matthew, father of Dakota (United Kingdom), who studied Broadening Horizons in 2016.

“Our son attended ORA for four weeks and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. ORA were very accommodating of his late arrival and needs due to a medical emergency just one week before the start, but he was determined to go, and was not disappointed. The academic level was pitched just right to stretch and inspire him, and the provision of extra-curricular activities made for an interesting and varied experience.” – Jolyon, father of Moses (United Kingdom), who studied Broadening Horizons in 2016.

“This was the second year Anthony attended ORA, and thus he was somewhat familiar with the routine. The fact that he returned home after two weeks with ORA stating that it was even better than last year spoke volumes of how good it must have been. A brilliant set up and course with practical and hands-on experience, we could not recommend it highly enough.” Stewart, father of Anthony (United Kingdom), who studied Introduction to Medicine in 2016.

“My daughter loved every moment of the course and was very sad to leave at the end of the session. She made many new friends from all over the world. Academic feedback was given and she was supported through her UCAS application. The campus was amazing, we loved it. She has felt really motivated to study harder since experiencing UK university life and being among other motivated students.” – Deise, mother of  Isabella (Brazil), who studied Medical School Preparation in 2016.

“Our son had a fantastic time on the New Perspectives programme in Oxford. He was highly impressed with the Maths and Human Biology programmes and very proud to win an achievement award. The programme and the activities were excellent, very well organised. We’ll definitely send his younger sister to ORA in the near future. Big compliments to the ORA staff and Counsellors for making this two weeks a wonderful experience.” – Thomas, father of Christoph (Swtizerland), who studied New Perspectives in 2016.

“We have been very pleasantly surprised by the scale, quality and diversity of the programme. It had the right mix of academics and social engagements and I expect the experience to serve my daughter in good stead.” – Soumik, father of Disha (India), who studied Broadening Horizons in 2016.

“It was a great experience for my son. He met many fascinating people and made several good friendships. The learning experience offered good insight into the medical field, with many practical and useful bits of information that will assist him with Medical School applications. Your kids will be left in good hands, the staff were friendly and their commitment both to the young people and the programme was very evident.” – Elle, mother of Ben (USA), who studied Medical School Preparation in 2016.

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