Our Student Ambassadors are experienced ORA alumni who are here to help with any questions you have about ORA. This is a great way to talk to someone just like you who can tell you what it’s really like to attend an Oxford Royale Academy Summer School.

Simply click on the Student Ambassador you wish to talk to to contact them, or click here to submit a question to the whole team. If you have any questions about our Student Ambassador scheme, please contact alumni@oxford-royale.co.uk. If you are an ORA alumnus and are interested in joining the team, please click here to apply.



Country of residence: Saudi Arabia

Languages spoken: English, Arabic

Previous courses studied: Summer Architecture Programme, New Perspectives, Introduction to Engineering

Dana says: “Since I’ve been to ORA for four years in a row, I think I can help others from my amazing experience”.


Country of residence: Greece

Languages spoken: English, Greek, German

Previous courses studied: Business and Enterprise Programme, New Perspectives

Dimitris says: “My goal for this summer will be to make every student enthusiastic and passionate about ORA”.


Country of residence: Greece

Languages spoken: English, Turkish

Previous courses studied: Broadening Horizons, Introduction to Law

Ekin says: “Being an ORA Student Ambassador for me means that I get to share all of my experience with others who are planning to go to ORA this year.”



Country of residence: France

Languages spoken: English, French

Previous courses studied: Broadening Horizons, New Perspectives

Luigi says: “I went to ORA for the first time in 2015 and loved it so much I decided to go back in 2016. In 2016 I was a Student Ambassador at St. Catz and it was a wonderful experience, I loved having the opportunity to help people fit in and have a great 2 weeks.”




Country of residence: Pakistan

Languages spoken: English, Urdu, Punjabi

Previous courses studied: New Perspectives

Laaibah says: “I received a full scholarship to attend ORA back in 2012, and ever since then I have been guiding my juniors and answering all their questions regarding the application process. I am happy to say that most of them went on to have the time of their lives at ORA, just like I did.” – Laaibah currently studies Medicine at Aga Khan University.


Country of residence: Saudi Arabia

Languages spoken: English, Arabic

Previous courses studied: Broadening Horizons, New Perspectives

Nadia says:“Hi! I’m Nadia and I’ve attended ORA for four summers. I know the programme and Oxford well enough to provide insightful and useful help to prospective students. So message me for and help, tips, advice or any questions you may have!”




Country of residence: Greece

Languages spoken: English, Arabic, French, Greek

Previous courses studied: Introduction to Law, New Perspectives

Sara says: “ORA isn’t just an educational opportunity, it is a home and it is a family that’ll have your back in months and years after your course and I believe that it is any Student Ambassador’s duty to make sure every child leaves with the same mentality”.


Country of residence: France

Languages spoken: English, French, Russian

Previous courses studied: Oxford Summer English for ages 13-15

Victor says: “I was very happy to be in ORA in 2016. I would like to share the wonderful moments that I had, such as the teaching staff, graduation, activities and the way teachers motivated students”.



Country of residence: Turkey

Languages spoken: English, Turkish, French

Previous courses studied: Broadening Horizons

Nadia says: “Being at ORA last year for the Broadening Horizons programme was an incredible experience for me. I loved every moment I spent there and learned so much. I would love to answer students’ questions in order to make their experience as nice and enjoyable as mine was”


Country of residence: Ghana

Languages spoken: English

Previous courses studied: Medical School Preparation

Agnes says: “I want prospective students to know how much I enjoyed every bit of the programme. I want to assure them its a good decision they are making to attend ORA and tell them about the benefits and the fun aspect as well.”



Country of residence: Greece

Languages spoken: English, Greek, German

Previous courses studied: Introduction to Law

Maria says: “Becoming an ORA Student Ambassador is a great way to come in touch with people from all over the world, share my experience and make them feel as prepared as possible before attending.”



Country of residence: Egypt

Languages spoken: English, Arabic

Previous courses studied: Engineering Preparation

Nadia says: “I don’t know what my summer would’ve been if I didn’t attend ORA in 2016, the experience was simply the best I’ve ever had. Not only did it helped me in deciding my career but also I’ve been able to meet a lot of students from all over the world.”


Country of residence: Singapore

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French

Previous courses studied: Broadening Horizons

Marta says: “The programme is fantastic, and I would really like to help out and answer any questions or queries people might have so that they can have the same opportunity as I did to have a great summer!”


Country of residence: UK

Languages spoken: English, French, Arabic

Previous courses studied: Introduction to Medicine

Lilya says: “Two of my best friends today are two people I met at ORA back in 2014. For this reason, I am truly attached to the summer programme. I loved my ORA experience and would greatly enjoy helping others as they plan the summer of their lives”

Country of residence: Lebanon

Languages spoken: English, French, Arabic

Previous courses studied: New Perspectives

Yasmina says: “It would be a pleasure for me to help students willing to attend ORA, because I went to ORA and had an amazing experience, and I greatly recommend any student wanting to spend a joyful summer studying and making new friends to attend ORA”.

Country of residence: Netherlands

Languages spoken: English, Dutch

Previous courses studied: Oxford Summer English

Marieke says: “I would like to tell people about my wonderful experience with ORA in 2016. I attended the two week English course at St Peter’s College. I thought it was two of the greatest weeks of my life. I want to help interested students by answering questions, telling them about my experiences and helping them in making a decision to apply.”

Country of residence: Saudi Arabia

Languages spoken: English

Previous courses studied: New Perspectives

May says: “2017 will be my third year at ORA. I know the city and the New Perspectives course fairly well and would like to be able to help newcomers with any questions they may have.”

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