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New Perspectives

An academic summer programme allowing students aged 13-15 to pursue areas of interest in a university setting.

Heeya (Belgium)

"The courses I chose – creative writing, mathematics, and leadership and team building – were amazing and I loved every moment of them. They were interesting, educational, and delightful."

David (Hong Kong)

"I was able to realise my true potential, which has led me to select my IB subject choices wisely focusing on Economics and Mathematics, and really help pave the path for my future career."

Laaibah (Pakistan)

"These lessons were the best thing that ever happened to me! The teachers were so well informed about what they were teaching. The material that they taught was very interactive, interesting and so much fun."

Aurora (Norway)

"Through ORA I made more friends than I ever thought I could have during two weeks and I learnt so much, not only academically, but also about myself."

Saakhi (USA)

"I learnt many things that will help me in the future, and things I won't learn at my own school! It was also an amazing way to make new friends from all around the world and learn about the different cultures."

Eva (Greece)

"It was one of the best experiences I've ever had! I learned so many interesting things, the lessons were fun, the teachers were very supportive and helpful and I met great people from all around the world."

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