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I went to ORA for two weeks this summer, and it was by far one of the best summer camps I’ve done. The courses I chose – creative writing, mathematics, and leadership and team building – were amazing and I loved every moment of them. They were interesting, educational, and delightful. After taking these courses, I can say that I have definitely become a much better writer, have learned many new writing techniques, and my list of books to read has become even longer than it used to be. I have also learned new things that I haven’t done before in mathematics, which will help in my studies at school, and my passion for the subject has heightened even more than before. My abilities to work in a team and be able to lead one have drastically improved as well. Not only could you do the courses you picked, but there was a wide variety of extra activities and trips added that were great fun. Some of the activities that I enjoyed included basketball, ukulele, punting, chicken wired and many more. We went on a trip to London where we could choose to either go to the London Dungeons or The Aquarium, and I choose the latter. It was a memorable experience and my love for aquariums and for the creatures found inside them has grown. We also went to Stratford-upon-Avon – William Shakespeare’s birthplace – and learned a lot about him. We got to visit his home, learn a few new Shakespearean insults that they used back in the day, and learn the dance they did at the end of every Shakespeare play performed in the open theatres. There were also social events such as themed dances and those were entertaining, with dancing not being the only thing to do. Graduation made me feel accomplished, although sad to be leaving. ORA isn’t only about the courses and the activities, but also about meeting people from all around the globe and socializing with them – making new friends. I have met a numerous amount of people and made friends that I will never forget. This has helped me get a better insight of how alike but at the same time, how different we are to one another. All in all, it was a special experience and I took back home many memories. I am glad to have done it.

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