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Introduction to Law

What Martha says:

Oxford Royale Academy was the best summer school I have ever been to. Not only in the sense that it was most entertaining, but also as it perfectly combined exciting activities with a riveting and meticulous course. In reference to the course of my choice, Introduction to Law, I can honestly say it was extremely well taught and informative, giving clear insight into the concepts of law and the profession. What I found most beneficial about it is that it helped me develop an in-depth way of thinking, and to adopt a more critical view on issues and their solutions. Recognising that these skills are highly valuable, I cannot help but stress that this course would be most beneficial to everyone, regardless of the career path they are considering. I am therefore so glad that I attended the Introduction to Law course – it was incredible, dare I say, life-changing. Regarding the activities and social life, I was highly surprised as I was at first nervous and apprehensive about whether I would be able to get along with a group of kids that were not only unknown to me, but also from completely different cultures. My initial fears were almost instantly forgotten, as everyone was amazing. I cannot recall a single person for whom I do not now hold a fond memory, or whose culture I don’t admire and appreciate. What is more, due to the programme I made lifelong friends and met people with similar interests to myself. Together we enjoyed a number of great activities, such as watching a Shakespeare play in the garden of one of Oxford’s wonderful colleges, going out to town for delicious ice-cream or a smoothie, admiring Oxford’s Botanic Garden, and much, much more. We also went on two unforgettable excursions including one to Warwick Castle, and another to London’s Natural History Museum and Science Museum, both of which were great experiences. In other words, it was a blast! Lastly, I would like to mention one more reason for which I believe Oxford Royale Academy was such a success – the counsellors. Their support, effort, and enthusiasm made everyone’s time better, and they were extremely helpful and genuinely wonderful people. Being admirably organised and aware of any possible issues that arose, they were incredible. So, thank you, Oxford Royale Academy, for this wonderful and unforgettable experience that I will always cherish and recall with a feeling of joy and appreciation!

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