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Oxford Summer English for 16-18 years

What Nour Lara says:

ORA was by far, one of the best memories I will ever have. My fear of being a new person, my fear of not being good enough at English, my fear of being far away from my family…all those fear I came with to ORA, I buried them there by meeting amazing people, from everywhere, by practising my English everyday, buy learning to be independent. Amazed, that’s how I left Balliol College, I learnt so much there, I saw beautiful places and ate tasty chocolate chip cookies!! After a week, I started calling it home .. because that’s how I felt, I really felt home there. I want to thank everyone who made my stay in Balliol College an unforgettable souvenir that I will always keep in my heart. Not only have I improved my English skills, but I’ve grown, I’ve improved myself, my manners, my ways of thinking, of taking care. After those two weeks in Oxford, I feel ready for anything new, for any challenge. I didn’t even see time passing, everything was perfect, everything was amazing, it was all I’ve ever wished from a summer school, we even did Indian dancing! How fantastic is that? Summer 2013, best summer ever.

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